Author Topic: The game doesnt load. Version 2.57 manually installed  (Read 136 times)

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 Good morning all, i have the fh2 since 2010 i think, more or less. a short time ago i wanted to play online and downloaded the FH2Launcher. Nothing happened, when i click "PLAY" it goes black and then to desktop. Later i was unable to play singleplayer, from original folder (the old one). A few days ago i downloaded the 3 parts of the FH2 Full installer and today extracted and installed. Nothing happen. The old folder now load as a launcher.
 im fkng mad. Sorry if my english is bad, im Uruguayan.

thanks for reading

edit: i do not delete the old version before installing the manual bc i didnt find it anywhere, the folder. :p
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Re: The game doesnt load. Version 2.57 manually installed
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Try looking for solution in the #troubleshoot or ask about your issue in the #tech-support channel on our Discord.