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Developer Blogs / Flavion Camouflage & Markings
« on: 06-04-2022, 22:04:12 »
Hi Everyone!

We wanted to share a fairly in depth dev blog on some of the research that's gone into the camouflage and markings of our 2.6 update. Feel free to download the PDF and have a read :)

This is a bit of a new way of showcasing our dev blogs to make them a bit easier to access for all our platforms. Most notably, our discord. Feel free to join in the conversation.

We hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for more updates!

Off-Topic / Re: Picture of the Day
« on: 06-04-2022, 15:04:30 »
Luftwaffe personnel(?) inspecting a Belgian T-13 tank destroyer;

Announcements / Re: The Son - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 28-03-2022, 15:03:31 »
Yes, you'll be able to defend yourself against enemy tanks if they come up on you :)

Bug Reporting / Re: FH2 Launcher-Sever window
« on: 29-12-2021, 17:12:23 »
Yea, I think someone is trying to fix it. Tho on our discord, I think it's working again now. Sadly, best way to tell atm is jumping in-game to the server browser.

General Discussion / Re: RiP ArminAce
« on: 12-11-2021, 04:11:52 »
Hi Lude! nice to see you! we are still developing. we've mostly moved to discord. come join us if you want. hopefully more to come :)

Announcements / Re: Slow Calf - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 08-11-2021, 03:11:02 »
To be real, most devs will just make some common camos/ markings that they think might be used in the future. We're not doing anything with the Vichy French at the moment, but you never know 8)

Announcements / Re: Slow Calf - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 07-11-2021, 20:11:27 »
A beautiful model by Herc. glad we could find a use for it

My man, 2.3 was released over a decade ago (damn, time flies), I pretty sure even Ts4EVER wasn't a dev back then lol neither of us can speak to why the devs from 10 years ago did what they did. However, I can personally say that I enjoy the removal of the crosshair and how SMGs perform in-game right now, and that we have no real plans to change that at the moment.

That's a... bold statement to make :D I think the forum is "dead" because we (along with most modern games) have switched over to communicating on discord. The years of IRC and forums are about at an end, so our community has moved and grown elsewhere. Make no mistake, this forum is dead, but FH2 is alive and well. We have many people that enjoy the game, and I'm glad for that. That's why we're still taking the time to develop the mod and add new content more than a decade later.

I don't think you'll find many here who share your sentiment that the shooting process has gotten 'worse' over each release. In fact, I know that I and many other devs feel that this has only been improved upon; the removal of the crosshair and other changes were welcome additions to our multiplayer gameplay.

In other words, a lot of us are satisfied with the direction that FH2 has taken as it's grown, and we hope to keep it growing in that direction in the future.

Tell me on your forum in the topic "Suggestions" is there a limit on the number of topics and votes?

You're free to make suggestions on this forum, but keep in mind that it is mostly "dead." The majority of our users have moved to discord at this point. While we do check here once in a while, you won't get many responses apart from long time veterans who know about this site or new users who've stumbled on it.

Regarding suggestions; you're technically free to make as many as you'd like. However, I'd also keep in mind that the developers of this game are made up mostly of people who've been playing this mod for 10+ years. We also know a lot about what the BF2 engine is and isn't capable of, so many suggestions usually fall into 2 categories;
-desired but not possible
-not desired

Not to discourage people from asking new things, but keep that in mind when making a suggestion. We also have rules against spam on this forum and our discord, so many new threads popping up with suggestions and getting no responses can become useless spam very easily.

What else are you doing now? What's your other priority? Is the creation of new maps a priority? I think most fans of the game would like to prioritize improving the gameplay over creating new maps. I think when choosing between these two priorities, most fans would vote to improve the gameplay instead of creating new maps. If necessary, I can write such a vote.

People will play little on new maps if the gameplay is burdened with a number of unpleasant things that make it much worse than it could be. For the same reason, you have a fairly small influx of new audiences. I can tell you what exactly would be worth changing to improve the gameplay.

First, I appreciate your enthusiasm. I'm glad there's still people who are very passionate about Forgotten Hope, I know I certainly am :)

I will say that at this time, the current developers of this mod are focused on multiplayer gameplay. So yes, we're working on creating new maps, new guns, vehicles etc... to give our players new content. Singleplayer is unfortunately not a priority of ours. I understand there are a lot of people who play this game who only play singleplayer, but the majority of our developers are better equipped to mod the multiplayer side of the game.

Singleplayer in Battlefield 2 was more of an afterthought by DICE, and as such, lots of aspects about it are hardcoded and not easy to make meaningful changes to. Not to mention that the amount of people out there who both know how to mod singleplayer for this game and want to mod for such an old engine are few and far between. So just as the original Battlefield 2 game focused on multiplayer with singleplayer added on as an option for some maps, Forgotten Hope 2 is doing the same; we're a multiplayer focused game and when we have time and resources we try to attend to singleplayer issues as best we can.

We don't currently believe that our "gameplay is burdened with a number of unpleasant things that make it much worse than it could be" with regards to our multiplayer gameplay. There's certainly some things we'd like to improve, but they are not related to the singleplayer at this time.

That being said, we are always looking for people who are able to make improvements to our singleplayer side of the game; namely making navmeshes & GPOs for new maps so they can be enjoyed by the singleplayer community as soon as possible. However, outside of providing new content, there's not much we can do. I believe that our singleplayer already incorporates most, if not all changes/ improvements that every other Battlefield 2 mod includes. If there's something that they've done that we haven't incorporated yet, it could be something we could look into.

General Discussion / Re: Just a simple question about bots
« on: 01-11-2021, 21:11:37 »
Unfortunately no, no bot support. But some people on our discord are trying their hand at making support for it.

Should be back up now. btw, we've got all the updates in real time on our discord if you guys want to hop over there.

General Discussion / Re: Admin Commands - Question
« on: 14-08-2021, 03:08:19 »
Sorry, we're mostly on discord now. But we're definitely discussing this and ways to ban ppl more permanently. Got a few good guys working on it but we'll take any help we can get :)

Feel free to jump on discord anytime.

yea, sadly, we just lack a dedicated singleplayer dev who can navmesh and do all of the new maps for us. I hope they can come soon afterwards tho.

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