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Off-Topic / :| Hi builds a Pc part zwei!
« on: 24-10-2012, 04:10:32 »
I'll be honest, I lost the first thread to the sands of time and the forum, so eh.

PCPartPicker part list / Price breakdown by merchant / Benchmarks

CPU:  Intel Core i5-2310 2.9GHz Quad-Core Processor  ($179.99 @ Newegg)
CPU Cooler:  Cooler Master Hyper TX3 54.8 CFM Sleeve Bearing CPU Cooler  ($16.99 @ SuperBiiz)
Motherboard:  ASRock Z77 Extreme4 ATX  LGA1155 Motherboard  ($114.99 @ Newegg)
Video Card:  Asus Radeon HD 6950 1GB Video Card  ($284.90 @ NCIX US)
Case:  Cooler Master Storm Enforcer ATX Mid Tower Case  ($64.98 @ Newegg)
Total: $661.85
(Prices include shipping, taxes, and discounts when available.)

This is what I'm looking at now. Anything you don't see I'll be salvaging from my current Pc!

How does this look? You guys have any better builds in the $650 area?

Off-Topic / People of German speaking culture, hear my call!
« on: 25-09-2012, 01:09:21 »
I'm currently working towards minoring/double majoring with a degree in German. As such, I have to write a short paper about culture in German speaking countries, heres where you wonderful, wonderful people come in!

The assignment is to gather information from somewhere about the culture on a particular subject.

So you get to choose which you'd like to enlighten me on.

1. Beer - Who makes the best beer? What laws govern beer-making and selling?


2. Religion in the education system, is it there, do people frown upon it? etc.

If you'd like to ask about another subject, I have a whole page of them, I just picked the two most interesting.  ;D

If you do reply to this, please add the area & country you are from and include your first name. If you don't want to include your first name, I will be fine giving you a fake name 0:

General Discussion / Forgotten Hope 2 FB page
« on: 10-07-2012, 09:07:00 »
Hey guys and gals, just thought I would shoot you all (har har) a quick reminder than FH2 has an FB page!

We're hoping to reach 2,000 "likes" this year, hopefuly our awesome community can fulfill that!

Off-Topic / Help :| hi build a new computer!
« on: 10-10-2011, 20:10:53 »
Hey guys, my birthday is coming up and the parental units are ordering me to draw up a list of things I'd like for my birthday. I figured I'd might as well upgrade my gfx card as well, anybody mind helping me find one?

System specs are:
(copy pasta from xfire)

AMD Phenom(tm) 9650 Quad-Core Processor (4 CPUs), ~2.3GHz
3072MB RAM (I plan on getting another gig as well)
Hard Drive:   
488 GB
Video Card:   
NVIDIA GeForce 9800 GT

To add to all of this, I've got a 400W power supply

Internet cookies for all that help

Edit; as per Toris and Ciu's reccomendations, I (and Flyboy) will be building a new computer. Any suggestions from you guys would be great!

Off-Topic / Portal on steam, for free!
« on: 16-09-2011, 05:09:36 »
Well for anyone who doesn't browse reddit. Portal is free at the moment

Gaming / Counter Strike: Global Offensive
« on: 13-08-2011, 01:08:30 »

Supposed to be released early 2012ish, this is an FPS I'm actually looking forward to. Thoughts?

General Discussion / Americans, go to WOLF!
« on: 15-07-2011, 22:07:40 »
Just a reminder for you americans playing on european servers (shame on you!) WOLF is up, and based in the east coast, should be less lag!

Off-Topic / Someone uploaded some of their music?
« on: 24-06-2011, 06:06:11 »
Hey guys, anybody remember who started a thread with a link to a song they recorded as a possible map theme?

I remember the thread as a few folks talking about map themes (loading music), and someone recorded a custom one on the sax or trumpet I think.

Does anybody still have the music file from the link that was posted? I seem to have lost the copy I had.

If it helps, I remember it sounding sorta SPR-ish

Off-Topic / Fathers day
« on: 19-06-2011, 16:06:32 »
I don't think fathers day is celebrated in Europe, but Happy Father's day all.

Bought my dad a new watch, woke up at the crack of dawn, cooked brakfast and delivered.

Now if I'm lucky, I'll be able to go back to sleep  ;D

Off-Topic / Hurray for Space-time vortex from NASA!
« on: 07-05-2011, 06:05:14 »
So, this explains all these flying policeboxes  ;)

Pretty cool stuff, eh?

Off-Topic / Help :| Hi not die!
« on: 07-02-2011, 03:02:12 »
So, on saturday, I got a fever. The temperature stood in the 99.5 - 100.7 range. (Fahrenheit, of course)  
Today, I have had a temperature range of 100.9 - 103.3. (106 being the expen sive box zone) Any suggestions to get the fever down? I'll be missing school tommorow to go to the local healthcare place to get checked out so in the long term, it shouldn't be too bad. I've already tried eating blueberries and drinking green tea for the anti-oxidants along with 2 pills of tylenol uber strength.

Sick, need ways to lower a fever temperature.  :)

Edit: Lmao, 3000th post  ::)

Off-Topic / New Chinese Stealth fighter
« on: 05-01-2011, 20:01:27 »

Any speculation? The plane design looks nice, but its yet to be in the air...

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