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New Anti-Tank rifle for Germans ?

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--- Quote from: Ts4EVER on 06-01-2021, 10:01:31 ---That one is bolt action though. If we ever have a map to feature this on, we might make it, although I think atm there are no new SS maps planned.

--- End quote ---

Yes i know, i was looking in some videos about that. But it have magazine and that is my point of interest.

--- Quote from: VonMudra on 06-01-2021, 18:01:33 ---Also it simply wasn't being used on any of the maps currently ingame that use anti-tank rifles.

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I know it's rare firearm, but it's look gorgeous. If there will be somebody that want to make it, its should be something like rare pick up kit. Also just imagine reload animation on this gun ... very satisfaing.

Any way thanks for your attetion to this post  ;)


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