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Looking for a FH2 squad/clan or people who regularly play the mod


Does anyone know if there any ACTIVE groups/squads/clans that regularly play FH2?
Otherwise, is someone interested to set up a group of people that regularly plays the mod?

You mean public or organized play?

The forgotten Honor community organizes about 2 FH2 campaigns each year. During a campaign you are part of on unit either on the allied or the axis side. Each week on friday there is a battle on standard FH2 maps (heavily modified), as well as on custom maps. Each campaign last about half a year.

At the moment there is a Italy vs. Australia campaign running. And there will be atleast 4 more battles in this campaign. I think sign-ups are still open, so feel free to join.

There is no need to play each week or to attend each training. Just play as long and as often, as you like and can. The standard language in the "international" regiments is english, but there are some language regiments (french, german, polish and russian in this campaign), if you like to communicate in your language.


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