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Teamwork Division proudly presents:

The Great Napoleonic Event!

Teamwork squad finaly got reunited, in order to become something even bigger: an totaly organized clan! and so, we created an server, and we are going to create this event from 4:00pm to 7:00pm saturday!

The prupose is trying to make some napoleonic gameplay - by that we mean making some real musket line figths with a good number of players on it  ;D

20 people are more than enough to join the event.. theres no need to download any program, so if you want to join up the event, you must ONLY join the following server:

"1st Teamwork Division Server"

We are going to make an training friday (at the valentines day) from 4:00pm to 7:00pm as well, in order to prepare the people for the event of the nextday.

These are the only requiriments:

- Make sure you can hear the people by voip (having an microphone is optional, but listening the others is mandatory)

- Do not disobey the superiors orders - its fundamental to keep them on mind so we can become this event like its suposed to be... even if the orders seem stupid and desnaturated, just follow them (as you migh calculate, this will not be an normal gameplay event, but it will be fun.. and the squadleaders who are leading you are doing it acordiyng to the event objective.. so keep following their lead please!!)

Did you ever saw an rifle musket figth in forgotten hope 2 like they do in mount and blade? did you remember the times you tough it was something real cool to be done, but kinda utopic? well... now you can actually experience that! join us tomorow to make the proper training, and you will get up on saturday for the real event! the server is open to public, and you dont need to download anything.. just listen to what the others say on VOIP, and obey the orders, and we grant you some real fun!  ;)

Server you shall join:

1st Teamwork Division Server

See you there Granadiers ;)

(and sorry for mein grammer)


--- Quote from: Damaso on 14-02-2014, 00:02:39 ---
Did you ever saw an rifle musket figth in forgotten hope 2 like they do in mount and blade?

--- End quote ---

Question: why not just play mount and blade?

because the real prupose of this is to actually make an napoleonic musket figth over forgotten hope 2  ;D

OK... although you do realize that the whole point of line battles was to make the best out of the limitations of the gunpowder technology of the day right? Muskets are very inaccurate and take ages to reload. If you do a line battle with bolt action rifles that are accurate over 300m you will be done after two volleys.

Oh yes yes indeed...

Thats why this is an event and there will be some "strange" rules on it.. ;)

Theres 2 main rules so you may fire an rifle here in this event:

1st - do not aim... only point the gun to the enemy, but dont even use the aim.

2nd - each time you give a shot, you need to wait 10 seconds to give another one (and every squad leader will be trained in order to remain loyal to this rules, and to tell his squad exacly to do like this)

If we can get like 24 people to obey squad leaders on both sides, im pretty damn sure the event will go well :)


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