Author Topic: ESAI: FH2 Edition  (Read 29867 times)

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Re: ESAI: FH2 Edition
« Reply #225 on: 15-05-2016, 22:05:19 »
Sorry for a bit of a necro but im trying to add ESAI to my FH2 maps and wandered if anyone had a better description of what each strategy type does.

for example im trying to make it so the Germans on the 32 player version of Dukla Pass do not attack and instead defend the points they have so then to Soviets can attack and push the Germans back across the map how it should be played. Which strategy would I chose to achieve this?

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Re: ESAI: FH2 Edition
« Reply #226 on: 16-05-2016, 02:05:24 »
I never really looked into ESAI a lot, but in this case, it isn't that simple, I'm afraid. Also the usage of ESAI is no longer advised and can lead to unexpected or undesired outcomes such as crashes, iirc.

I suppose you are referring to my Coop version of Dukla Pass and I suppose you would like the Germans not to be able to recapture a CP once it is lost?
In case yes: This is the wrong topic, but it could be done by configuring the CPs in the GPOs to be only capturable by team 2, the Soviets. Pushmode circle markers will then appear in blue. However there are limitations to what can be done since an AI commander defend-order will stay on a CP once its lost unti the next one in the row comes under enemy pressure ( only then will the AI commander react and give out new orders). So even if the CP is taken, the Germans will move towards it until Soviets threaten the next CP they have to defend. It is worth a try, but the best approach to interesting push matches vs AI is still finding the right balance of numbers for the teams.