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Flippy Warbear:
Incase you missed it, since this thing happened quietly, we do have a discord server and everyones welcome to join it if you feel like it. Discord is a social program that is sort of like a Steam community system combined with voice channels. Check it out:

For any questions, suggestions, comments or feedback, please post here or alternatively on the discord itself.

Cool. maybe add a button on homepage with direct link

Flippy Warbear:

--- Quote from: Alubat on 29-07-2017, 13:07:16 ---Cool. maybe add a button on homepage with direct link

--- End quote ---

Hopefully someone can add that to the sidebar too.

The invite link expired ;). You can generate a new one and then tick "set this link to never expire" :).

Flippy Warbear:
Thanks for a very helpful tip AfterDune. :)


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