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FH2 Historical Accuracy : Ingame VS Real life Pictures

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Note that the map Falaise Pocket plays in St Lambert though. That was even the beta name of that map. Don't know why it was changed to a more generic one.


--- Quote from: flyboy_fx on 24-08-2011, 00:08:21 ---SHIT THIS THREAD NEEDS TO BE STICKY!!!! That is AMAZING!!!!! 0_0

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I agree 100%. Truly amazing indeed. 8)

Hans Werner:
Yup Falaise is St Lambert sur Dive, i have already did all pictures for it and for Port en Bessin, i will post them soon.
I still need to do (go in Normandy to do the picture) Goodwood and Point du Hoc.

Other maps aren't enought accurate to do picutres or it's no longer possible :

Anctoville : Don't know, need to go in Anctoville village to see if the map is accurate.
Viller Bocage : Not accurate at all, only village flag names are good.
Ramelle : LoL 100% accurate for SPR
Lebisey : No longer possible, now Lebisey is a district of Caen city. All this aera have totally changed.
St. Lo. Breakthrough : Don't know, need to go in this aera to see if the map is accurate.
Operation Cobra : Hate this map 0% accurate ;(
Operation Luttich : Not accurate at all, only village flag names are good.
Operation Totalize : Not accurate at all, it's a BF2 Armored Furry vanilla map.
Battle of Brest : Don't know, need to go in Brest city to see if the map is accurate.

For the all other maps well someone live in Belgium or North Afrika ???  ;D

Anctoville: Someone mentioned once that this is somewhat accurate. Looking at Google earth it seems to be similar.

St. Lo Breakthrough: This is an accurate representation of a certain point, you can look at it in Google earth, but there are no real landmarks. The roads exist.

Battle of Brest: Kettcar based this on aerial photographs and black and white pics, but I think the city was too destroyed. It will probably look totally different.


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