Author Topic: popular WW2 YT channel uploaded Tali video  (Read 378 times)

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popular WW2 YT channel uploaded Tali video
« on: 18-05-2020, 19:05:24 »
Hi all I am new

I want to start off my forum contribution by recommending one of my favourite youtube channels which deserves some recognition. I noticed alot of players in-game asking questions in all chat about finlands role in WW2 when the two new maps where being played. Well, Interestingly, a video covering Tali-Ihantala was uploaded just today to this channel! A few days prior to 2.56 release, another video explaining the continuation war (finlands role in ww2) was also uploaded, which, when given the nature of the additions in 2.56 update, is quite the coinicidence.
Anyway the channel is called ' TIK ' and the depth of his videos are highly commendable..
Finland's Continuation War in a Nutshell video:
Tali-Ihantala video:

Anyone here also a fan of this channel?

Perhaps FH2 could do a feature/spot with the producer to promote FH2 and potentially boost player base... I feel FH2 is perfect match given its specialism in historically accurate depictions of the war.

Anyway interesting coincidence I wanted to share. :) i also would like to thank devs for 2.56 also, really enjoyed it when I played the other night. I am new to FH2 and only started to play for first time few weeks ago, then 2.56 was announced after from what I read to be a 2years haitus (since last update).
really perfect timing..
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