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How to: Reporting Bugs
« on: 28-03-2009, 17:03:49 »
Please obey the following guidelines when using this forum. This should allow the FH2 development and betatest team to effectively hunt for and correct bugs.

1) Do not post in here about "missing content" (content you wish you had seen in the mod but for some reason isn't there). Use the FH2 Suggestions forum for such a thing.

2) Make sure you have the latest version of the game. Currently that's FH2 2.51.

3) Be as specific as possible when reporting a bug. Post any information that you think is relevant such as your hardware (operating system, graphics card, amount of memory etc.) information and accurate information to allow an other person to recreate the problem. With accurate descriptions the team can quickly verify if the bug is genuine. Screenshots may help!

4) Try to see if a bug hasn't been reported already. If so you may wish post in the original report or refrain from reporting a bug. This way we will avoid a ton of duplicate threads on already known (and internally fixed) problem, keeping this forum more clean.

5) Try to make a single dedicate thread per (type of) bug: This makes it more easier for the devs and testers to keep track of all the various bugs out there. If a thread is dedicated to one bug it's easier to link to then an obscure line or post burried in a large thread or post. So "my list of bugs" threads are not recommended.

Bugs that have been confirmed, bugs that happen to be features and other popular reports will be added to the stickied list of bugs. This should stop people from reporting a known bug, limitation or feature. I also gave threads a little icon. Those with a thumb up or down could be considered to have been officially reported or answered and are "closed" (feel free to add further information though), those with a sheet of paper are still pending:

- Thumbs up: This report was confirmed (could be reproduced) and has been (or already was) added to the internal list of bugs.
- Thumbs down: This is not a bug (but a feature), could not be reproduced or is due to an incorrect (server) setup. Or ot means that the feature works as intended (including things that can't be fixed due to engine limitations and this being the most preferable solution according to the devs).
- Sheet of paper: This bug hasn't been confirmed or disconfirmed yet by a tester or dev. Further information might be needed, the report might be speculated by people (experts) or hasn't been handled for some other reason.
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Re: How to: Reporting Bugs
« Reply #1 on: 29-03-2009, 16:03:24 »
You may  wish to use the template below when reporting a bug to make sure that the report is clear and accurate.

Bug report template

Thread title: [Add Compent Name here] - AddSelfstandingBugDiscriptionHere
  • Components:
    • Animations
    • HUD
    • Installer
    • Kits/Classes
    • Localisation
    • Maps
    • Materials/Damage
    • Other
    • Python
    • Soldiers
    • Sound
    • Stability
    • Statics
    • Toolbox
    • Vehicles
    • Weapons

Post content: Add a selfstanding discription here. Where can this bug be found? Under which conditions does this bug happen (ea: what triggers it?). Basically any information that makes it clear WHY this is a bug and HOW to recreate this bug. Adding images or videofootage may help a lot!

Example of a bug report:

Thread title: [Vehicles] - Can't enter Bedford truck from the rear
Post content: It is not possible to enter the British Bedford truck from the rear, you my only enter from sides or near the cabin doors. It would make sense if people can enter standing next to the rear hatch. Moreover, it is possible to enter from the rear of simular vehicles like the Opel Blitz, thus creating inconsistent gameplay elements.
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