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FH2 Help / Support / Re: Windows 8.1 issues
« on: 29-07-2014, 17:07:01 »

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 19-07-2014, 12:07:03 »
Awesome building !!  :)

Sg "Wer is se toilet ?"
Co "Just take the elevator to the third"

Suggestions / Re: Naval vessels
« on: 14-07-2014, 22:07:24 »
cool, good to know. I might try it out more often then  :)

Suggestions / Re: Naval vessels
« on: 14-07-2014, 21:07:14 »
found this youtube video a week ago. which made me install FHSW mod for battlefield 1942
Cool mod. but the action on server is almost limited to sundays

Maybe the Forgotten Hope Community Steam group needs a brush up!!

It has 421 members and mostly more than 100 is online ?? ( playing other games )
there is no action or anything going on!!.
NOT even 1 post in the discussion forum wtf ??
IF that community page looked more cool up to date + easier way of integrating FH into steam, more steamgamers might get attracted to play FH2.


Battlefield 2   - 50% on steam summersale

I think ther is to many big maps in rotation and map cycle changes to often to other maps. So you dont really get to know a map well before it is out of rotation.
i came back to this game 16 months ago and in some maps I still feel like a retarded granny noob

I mostly enjoy this game when server is maxed out 100-128 players or when only 10-20 people is on
Would love to play with less people on a small server more often if possible in future


Just wonder, what is the server specs.?  Cpu, Ram, net-card  etc. ?????
How much is cpu load at 100 players vs 128 players ?

I like gaming at whatever player settings :-) but I miss the bike bug

I like 128 player servers and Would love to play a 256 player  :) its 2014

I think if people with a high ping >100 is connected can cause server lags/spikes maybe ?

The gfxcard was orginally buildt in a cheap medion supermarket desktop pc were it ran with same temps 80-100 degress in FH2 1920x1080 and everything on high, 8xA,  fps 65-100 mostly more than 80
since jan 2010, and it runs great in my new power gaming desktop pc aswell.
Runs better in xp than newer OS in directx 9.c games

HI FH players
I have a AMD radeon HD 6600 in my dualboot gaming pc, my third gaming desktop since FH2 came out . tried win 8.1 two months ago and went back to old setup dualboot with windows 7 and windows xp (just for playing directx 9.c games better)
As im a little into tweeking / optimizing pc for gaming etc. I found out that running directx 9.c games in windows xp is better than win 7 / 8
GPU on GFX card and CPU has a higher utilization & gets hotter in win 7/8 than win xp

win 7
gpu clock 800MHz, mem 1000MHz (basic settings)
Gfx card gets hot after a while and gpu reaches 100% and almost 95-100 degrees

if I tweak basic settings gpu 900MHz, mem 1150MHZ  gfx goes to hot 105degress and  black screen + shutdown
In windows xp I can tweak gfx gpu 900MHz, mem 1150MHZ and gfx card gets max 95 degrees and cpu utilization is also lower :-)

To monitor temps and utilization I have used the software

Windows xp has less Handles, Threads, Processes than the newer microsoft OS and runs better
-> less overall system lag possiblity -> minimal better net-latency & higher FPS in game

I will still be playing in windows xp after april when windows xp sequirity updates stop
I know most people dont care about gaming performance, but anyway :-)

Please share your thoughts

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