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I installed FH2 about a month ago and besides for the occasional CTD, I had no problems with it at all. That changed today as I am no longer able to launch the game.

Every time I hit "Play" in the launcher, the screen goes to black as if it is trying to load normally but then BF2 "stops responding" and the game crashes. BF2 launches when I try to play it, but FH2 doesn't. I've tried everything from a clean install of BF2 and FH2, to running as administrator, to screwing around in the properties. But nothing works.


Okay, I decided to to do a system restore to the day before I installed. That got rid off it.

Look, I'm gonna pass on this till I get a copy of BF2 on CD. Then I plan to unistall the downloaded version. Install and CD version and go through the process above. That should work right?

Okay, now I've got another problem. Last night I uninstalled FH2, or at least I thought I did. The shortcuts and the game are still there and working. I keep trying to uninstall it but nothings working.

Yes I have punkbuster. Oh and if it helps in anyway, I've been playing Project Reality for about a year now. It used to CTD on me all the time because I had a downloaded version of BF2, but then I started using a mirrored version of the game and it has been fine ever since. Could that be the problem?

I tried multiple servers, all of which gave me the same message. And yes, it was 2.2

Yes, but I'm not sure if I have the patches. I can play online with it...

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me out. I don't have the disc version, but I don't have the steam version either. I have a version I downloaded off of the EA website. Will this work? Also, I tried installing Forgotten Hope 2 yesterday, everything went finr until I got to the multiplayer. Every time I tried to log on to a server, it told me I didn't have the map that was running. I did manage to make it to a lading screen on one servern but when it loaded all the way I CTD'd. So after that I decided to uninstall and look for help...looks like I found some  :)

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