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FH2 Help / Support / Lots of CTD. Cant play.
« on: 01-07-2022, 20:07:47 »
Before 2.6 rarely had any CTD, much less than anyone else (lucky if I got one a week).

But since this update I get lots of CTD

I Uninstalled fh2 entirely, profiles and prog files folders, then installed BF2 > 1.41 Patch > 1.5 patch > then pasted the fh2 torrent into the mods battlefield folder. I understand this is the long way to do it but I wanted to make sure I had all the bf2 files aswell in case that was causing the CTD.

Edit Updated to 2.61, still got ctd on el alamein 30secs into the game.
Going to uninstall again and use the standalone installation method.

Bug Reporting / [Multiple] Issues so far with 2.6
« on: 13-05-2022, 19:05:42 »

CTD Issue

Very frequent CTDs now - 2.6 is unplayable.
I never got to play flavion (the first map I got to load up), on 64 or 16 layers. I just got CTD a few seconds in.

I booted up El Alamein in 32 Create Local and I got a CTD on that too a few minutes running around on the plateau. I will try other maps and will report back soon.

I rarely got CTDs on 2.58, once a session and i play almost everyday,

Hopefully this will not be an obstacle to play the mod!!

Just got CTD trying to join operation mars.   :'(
Going to re-download 2.6 standalone and update via launcher to see if it was my dodgy install (I copied pre-download 7z archive torrent & unpacked it in correct directory...


Sound Issue
I have found a bug in 2.6 that was not in previous version. See video below.
Essentially the radio plays double snippets. I have restarted PC and loaded up the map multiple times and it still occurs. It seems to only happen in ultra high sound mode (I have and use creative xfi - I am an ardent fan of this sound engine this is why I play the mod). It does not happen on High / Hardware Sound settings. I also checked the music player on 16 purple heart lane and it does not happen with that on xfi. Strange!

FH2 Help / Support / [File] Unofficial 2.58 Patcher
« on: 07-09-2021, 04:09:43 »
Hi all

Here is a concise as possible 2.57 > 2.58 updater.
Should anyone have issues with integrated torrent downloadedr in fh2, they may use this instead.

The Patch consists of a simple .cmd script inside a Self extracting WinRAR archive;
it detects users existing fh2 installtion directory and stores this as variable which is then used in the copying process. This is done because the program directory/path can vary across (i.e. XP, or 32 vs 64bit) systems, or if user chose an alternate directory upon initial installation.
Then, the 63 new files are copied into this directory. Folder structure is retained.

There is a txt file inside the archive which lists the updated files also.

Unofficial 2.58 Patch (186 mb) - Onedrive

Unofficial 2.58 Patch (186 mb) - Google Drive

feedback welcome

for some reason the mortar deflection adjustement moves up and down alot since 2.58
other players confirmed this (and on two seperate maps).

is this part of the patch?

FH2 Help / Support / issue with launcher torrent downloader
« on: 11-08-2021, 03:08:15 »
the launcher downloader wont work. But seeing as its a torrent can someone PM the link for the 2.58 patch directly? much appreciated

Hi all I am new

I want to start off my forum contribution by recommending one of my favourite youtube channels which deserves some recognition. I noticed alot of players in-game asking questions in all chat about finlands role in WW2 when the two new maps where being played. Well, Interestingly, a video covering Tali-Ihantala was uploaded just today to this channel! A few days prior to 2.56 release, another video explaining the continuation war (finlands role in ww2) was also uploaded, which, when given the nature of the additions in 2.56 update, is quite the coinicidence.
Anyway the channel is called ' TIK ' and the depth of his videos are highly commendable..
Finland's Continuation War in a Nutshell video:
Tali-Ihantala video:

Anyone here also a fan of this channel?

Perhaps FH2 could do a feature/spot with the producer to promote FH2 and potentially boost player base... I feel FH2 is perfect match given its specialism in historically accurate depictions of the war.

Anyway interesting coincidence I wanted to share. :) i also would like to thank devs for 2.56 also, really enjoyed it when I played the other night. I am new to FH2 and only started to play for first time few weeks ago, then 2.56 was announced after from what I read to be a 2years haitus (since last update).
really perfect timing..

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