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How to setup Affinities for FH2 + Mouse & GPU

So basicly drivers and other stuff wants to run on the first cpu core (core 0) if possible. The trick is to seperate at least mouse and GPU away to other cores to gain more stable system response time if cpu has enough cores. I havent tried this on a 2core system
You may not experience or feel any difference after doing these suggestions. Maybe more is needed to improve performance or stability. I want to keep things as simple  as pc tweaking is a never ending story:-)

Determine the Number of Cores in Your CPU

HOW TO - Interrupt Affinity Policy Tool (how to set mouse and gpu affinity)

If GPU or USB driver gets updated, affinity tool settings may need to be re-applied
In FR33THY "HOW TO - Interrupt Affinity Policy Tool" youtube video - Process Hacker (great taskmgr alternative) is used to set program affinites.
I think most people maybe just want an easy simple shortcut sollution on desktop.

The easiest way before making shortcut is to alt+tab when gaming/recording and mess around with the affinities. If causing instability then alt+f4 programs and retry

CPU Affinity Shortcut for a Program - Create in Windows

ex Shortcut target for running FH2 on core 2,3 on a 6core 6thread cpu (FH2 located on G drive)

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe c/ start "FH2" /affinity C "G:\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\Forgottenhope2.exe" +restart +menu 1 +fullproc +fullscreen 1 +widescreen 1 +modPath mods/fh2 +playerName XXXXXX +playerPassword XXXXX

6 cores 6 threads /affinity C  = 001100 = core 2,3 (run 2cores No Hyperthread & SMT )
6 cores 12threads /affinity 5  = 000000000101 = core 0,2 (Run on 2cores with Hyperthread & SMT On)
4 cores 4 threads /affinity 3  = 0011 = core 0,1  (run 2cores No Hyperthread & SMT ) (pic. example above)
4 cores 8 threads /affinity 5  = 00000101 = core 0,2 (Run on 2cores with Hyperthread & SMT On)
4 cores 8 threads /affinity 55 = 01010101 = core 0,2,4,6 (Run 4cores Hyperthread & SMT On) 

Some people maybe want to set FH2 to only run on 1core, but Its my experinece that 1core causes ingame stutter. FH2 runs better on 2 cores. Tried on 3diff intel systems.
BF2 engine is old and runs better on real cores, so avoid threaded smt cores. Running game on 2-3 cores should be better ingame experience, but longer mapload time the less cores

If recording gameplay with OBS then try out making affinity shortcut for OBS on other cores than the ones FH2 are using.

Make 2 shortcuts one for FH2 and one for OBS Ex. 6core 6thread system (Nvench Nvidia card) leave cpu0 (for windows background stuff) , FH2 on core 1-2, OBS on core3,4,5

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe c/ start "FH2" /affinity 6 "G:\EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\Forgottenhope2.exe" +restart +menu 1 +fullproc +fullscreen 1 +widescreen 1 +modPath mods/fh2 +playerName XXXXXX +playerPassword XXXXX

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c start "OBS" /affinity 38 "C:\Program Files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\obs64.exe"
If hyperthreaded or smt enabled, maybe try OBS with more threads 

Benchmark fps

[DE] CapFrameX 1.4.0 Beta Overlay Tutorial

Guru3D RTSS Rivatuner Statistics Server Download

Interrupt affinity tool



Process Hacker

My settings may not be good for your system (diff hardware,diff OS etc.), so try out different cores and do some testing :-)

If you want to know more about tweaking/optimizing/debloating windows for gaming I highly recommend FR33THY videos A to Z series


[How to guide] X-Fi - Ultra High sound quality on Sound Blaster audio cards anno 2018

Have been playing around with FH2 audio settings to get the best out of Creative X-Fi Audio renderer and Ultra High sound quality in virtuel 7.1 HD headphones.

For some time I have looked for a sollution to get great audio from PC in headphones when gaming. More specific I wanted to hear everything while having the lowest possible audio volume in my ears. I went for a usb card (SoundblasterX G6 ) to remove extra stress on PCIe on overclocked SLI setup and to avoid irq conflicts etc.

How to get it working ┬┤quick and clean` with out lag or stutter on screen or in ears.

1. Optimize Pc for gaming

2. Find & Install audio card drivers and firmware.

3. Fix Creative X-Fi cards surround sound issues replacing files in bf2folder
Replace OpenAL files ( steps modified from )

a.   Launch the game and set the audio renderer to Hardware.
b.   Go \EA GAMES\Battlefield 2 and create a backup of the file BF2OpenAL.dll.
c.   Install newest OpenAL
d.   Copy the file OpenAL32.dll from %WINDIR%\SysWOW64\ (when using a 64-bit OS) or %WINDIR%\System32\ (32-bit OS) to \EA GAMES\Battlefield 2 and rename it to BF2OpenAL.dll.
e.   Download & extract Newest soft_oal.dll file to a temporary folder and copy the file soft_oal.dll from inside bin\Win32\ to \EA GAMES\Battlefield 2  (ex. needed when recording game incl. audio)

4. Run Creative ALchemy and add/make a Forgotten Hope 2 profile
tick Use Game Path and navigate to EA GAMES\Battlefield 2 folder that holds the forgottenhope2.exe file

Settings - on pic are the best I can set atm. Seems to run a little better than the default values for me.
Creative Alchemy default values for Battlefield 2 engine
Buffers : 4
Duration  25
Maximum Voice Court : 128

5. Open Soundblaster Connect software and tweak settings.
Like all other software these days this is kind of bloated with not needed features. Profiles that add many extra effects and adds more stress to the audio processing which may result in micro stutter and in worst case crash the game with wrong Alchemy settings

EAX5.0 is allready surround and 3D why add extra surround on top with other effects etc. + make the audio chain more muddy and longer ? I dont need extra bass or reverb to hear explosions louder or foot steps 200m away to sound like 50m away.

To skip all the extra processing disable Acoustic Engine and use Direct Mode if possible - setting also gives Lowest audio process respons time and best possible settings in Alchemy software

6. Starting FH2 and use ultra high audio for the first time.
After creative Alchemy FH2 profile enbled I could only change the audio settings in game to creative x-fi and ultra high setting. Not in the FH2 launcher when running the first time. After enabled in game no problem at next launch

Some times when joining a server ex CMP map or by joystickbutton in launcher. I get extra bathroom reverb effect that makes whole map sound like one big room.
 - Fix. Start FH2 with a stock map ex. 1 in list.After entering map -> disconnect and join multiplayer server
Rarely after many hours of FH2 with restarts and alt + tabs etc. Reverb bath room effect can be trippled and will not go away.
- Fix. Disable and enable audio device in windows device manager

7. Different settings and how to test
Playing with audio effects on is sure possible, but can add more micro clicks/stutter from time from time and adds latency to the audio processing
when in 1p mode find spots ingame with lots of action + sound. Moving mouse fast (shaking) from left to right and make 3d sound rotate fast from left to right and back) hear the 3d world and try to stress it :-)

ex. Purple Heart Lane map I have micro clicks in 1p with audio effects enabled
Try test with audio effects enabled and disabled and hear the difference in audio response time
The micro clicks in audio may not nesseary be a problem that can be fixed as some other players can have low quality mic audio or wrong setup. Nothing is perfect :-) 
When audio effects in soundblaster connect is added - game settings in Creative ALchemy may need also to be changed

Buffers : 5 or 6
Duration : 35 or higher like 40
Maximum Voice Court : 120 or maybe lower

If settings in Creative ALchemy are set wrong its possible to experience lower fps, in game experience slows down and can lag/freeze

8. Other EAX soundsettings in FH2 sound.con file
EA GAMES\Battlefield 2\mods\fh2\settings\Sound.con
sound.setProperty "balance2d3d-default" 0.55  (Only setting I changed so far. A little lower 1p gun sound to better hear squad voice chat & orders while intense fighting going on)
rem ** Balance between 2d and 3d samples.
sound.setProperty "balance2d3d-default" 0.8
sound.setProperty "balance2d3d-eax" 0.8
rem ** Reverb and obstruction
vars.set sound-maxreverb 3
vars.set sound-reverb-steepness 1
vars.set sound-raylength 17

9. Extra tips, tweaks & links
. Use a usb ports that does not share usbbus with other devices if possible and or try different ports. Both usb2 and usb3 type of ports works flawless for me in the motherboard ports on back side of pc
. Disable onboard audio device, bluetooth, webcam etc. in windows and bios if not needed
.Run Windows System Timer Tool in background while gaming.
. RightMark Audio Ananlyser to benchmark audio
.PCI or onboard audiocards Irq problems can be fixed
Windows: Line-Based vs. Message Signaled-Based Interrupts
MSI utility v2 to see possible irq conflicts.
This is not a tweak for every one. Be carefull with this tweak as it can mess up when done Wrong!

My IRQ settings in win 7 after turning the most devices into MSI mode

10. Is it worth it to upgrade to better audio in FH2 and other games ?
Satisfied by audio upgrade with SoundblasterX G6. Audio respons is as quick as the feeling of retro gaming in win Xp :-) Couple of bugs like hardware volume knob not working in win7 driver but do in win10 not a big deal for me. I have not tried testing the mic input much as I use a seperate usb mic
Dunno if its worth it. We all have different Ears. Im an audiophile and happy

TestVideo of different multiplayer action in ultra high sound quality

Video with sound of 255 bots in ultra high sound quality

Soundblaster X-Fi History
What to get from Ultra High Sound quality in Battlefield 2

FH2 Help / Support / How to Fix FH2 Ram issues
« on: 16-11-2018, 02:11:24 »
While using windows, surfing or playing FH2. Standby memory will grow over time with not needed stuff that can be cleaned before and while gaming to prevent some crashing and other memory related issues

Clean with "EmptyStandbyList.exe" file from

try to run EmptyStandbyList.exe before starting FH2. Any difference ?

EmptyStandbyList - Tutorial set as a Task schdeuled to run each 5 min in background

Autoclean standby mem when reaches .ex 65%-75% with MemPlus utility from

Monitor and see ram utilization in windows
On desktop: winkey + s -> type "Resource Monitor" click and open and hit Memory

Have tried both metods on win 10 64bit lowered to 4GB ram. Have not found the auto sweet spots yet.
I think manually clean just after map loaded in (before spawn) and in end when stats are showed just before next mapload seems to be the best clean timing.
Cleaning while ingame can make a stutter. Try other timer settings or alt+tab to clean manual from desktop
Maploading seems faster after cleaned mem.

Maybe feature needs to be disabled when not gaming if recording,rendering or other tasks

Happy gaming

Pimp up your FH2 experience like its 2018 :-)
Fix lag stutter caused by unstable in game frame time rendering
Fix lag/stutter caused by CPU/OS

Lock FPS with RivaTuner Statistic Server = Stable frame time rendering in game :

Running FH2 with locked/unlocked fps via game engine makes Frame time counter go up and down most of the time and is not doing locked FPS very good or maybe a little too good
Bf2 is old and probaly was not made to run higher than 100fps on a low Hz monitor.
Lock FPS with RTSS will maybe add 1 Frame Delay, but game will look smoother when moving around
RTSS download here

How to find out the best FPS spot to lock and get stable Frame time rendering.
- FH2 launcher
: un-tick box - limit the maximum frame rate to
: tick box - Show frame rate in game
- Play some FH2 and study FPS and look for Awg fps when in an area with many other players
- ex. 110FPS. Open in game console and type "game.lockfps 110" close console and play some more while studying Frame time. If the right FPS value is chosen frame time should go only up and down +/- 0.5-2ms 110 fps ca. 9.0ms frame time +/- 0.5-2ms changing constantly
-Enter console and type "game.lockfps 0" to unlock fps
-Alt + Tab to desktob and open RTSS

- Type in value 110 Then minimize and go back into FH2
-FH2 Frame time is now locked at 9.0ms and should not be as Unstable any more

-Game should now look more smooth when moving around
-Try out different FPS values in RTSS until game experience is as good as it gets
-Compare with bf2 game engine fps lock
-In a perfect world of no bottlenecks PC should have value like 1-3 or lower than monitor Hz
Tried 2 different pcs on same monitor GTX760 and GTX 1080 2xSLI
in both cases my golden FPS spot (Cpu&Gpu <100% utilization) is at 131fps on a 144Hz monitor without any V or G-sync. But it is probaly different from Pc to Pc or Monitor to Monitor

Nvidia card users should also look at new Nvidia Profile Inspector setting

Sync and Refresh TAB
-chose Frame Rate limiter "Off"
-chose Frame Rate limiter Mode "Limiter V2 - Force Off"

Process Lasso ProReal-Time PC Optimization & Automation with ProBalance!
How to video

Some times your pc wants to make fh2 run mostly with one Cpu core maxed at almost 100% utilization.
Process Lasso can fix it

FH2 on a 6 core Hyper threaded Cpu

ForgottenHope2.exe as a High Performance process
ForgottenHope2.exe on Bitsum higest performace powerplan (unparked cpus)
ForgottenHope2.exe select cpu affinity (also option of Single threaded performance mode)
set all processes (except ForgottenHope2.exe) to run on cpu 0-1

Process Lasso is part free and paid part. I think its worth the little ekstra money for all features.

Suggestions / HUD and chat boxes for proper ULTRA WIDE 21:9
« on: 15-03-2018, 21:03:39 »
Would love to get a ultrawide montor if the hud overlay in fh2 looked like this :-)

BF2 correct HUD fov

Archive of tutorials from the old battlelog forum.

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    HOW TO | Jet-Eye Tanker School
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Off-Topic / D/S Minden
« on: 24-07-2017, 01:07:11 »
lets hope its not just another train story :-)

Havent researched much on it. But why did South American banks ship gold to Germany ?

I think Iceland should keep it  ;D


A Quick Video Tutorial of how to make ReShade work with Forgotten Hope 2 the easiest way :-)

Mass Effect: Andromeda 4K HDR Exclusive Tech Trailer

Mass Effect Andromeda in HDR on 4K OLED TV (PC, Ultra Settings, HDR10, true 2160p 4K, 10Bit) 4K

Damn It looks beautiful

I have been using usb speakers stereo left+right for gaming for some time and I have been looking for some kind of overlay to optimize sound quality in game when playing fh2. Speakers isnt a proper pc software brand it dosent have drivers with a lot of settings etc.
I found this ViPER4Windows

Settings on pic are maybe not my final settings, as I am still testing :-)

Any one tried this ?

Just played Westwall and it seems some people getting missing flag bug.
I posted a possibel solution on

Try out
bcdedit /set increaseuserva XXXX ( 3076 or 4096 ) in windows cmd (allow 32bit app to use more Cache than default 2024mb) and see if it works

search cmd

restart pc and happy gaming

No more missing flags after 3rd mapload and game runs more stable  :)

Gaming / BF2 - 2017- Remastered HD Heli Maps
« on: 05-01-2017, 21:01:43 »

1) Visuals and Graphics

- 18% larger infantry FOV, 10% larger Pilot FOV and 27% larger Gunner FOV
- Twice view distance in most maps, and even more than that in other ones, like Sharqui and Dalian.
- All maps with much better Hi-Resolution 2048MB (Finest possible quality) Lighting and Shadows, some maps in vanilla don't even have a 512MB texture for object lighting, that makes it much less realistic and which far worse graphics in general.
- Much better Static Details, all static objects keeps the highest Level of Detail (LOD) no matter what, Needs a 1000MB+ VRAM Card, capable of running the game at highest setting except for AA filtering.
- New color pallete, wich more realistic and not so bright as the original color pallete.
- More detailed vegetation, and with better viewing distance also.

Bug Reporting / Defend flag score ?
« on: 21-12-2016, 21:12:28 »
Dunno if its a bug or a suggestion :-)

When enemy is in crossed flag zone and cant cap
Why do I get defend flag score when I kill ?

General Discussion / MODDB 2016 MOD OF THE YEAR
« on: 09-12-2016, 12:12:26 »
Not much time left to vote!! if anyone cares ?

FH2 should be in top 10 and not in place 262

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