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Stickies of the old FH Forum and what's left that could be reposted

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Hey everyone ;) fellow long-time FH forum member here (even though I usually lurked more than post :P). Was Comrade Pedrovska from about 2003 to 2007 on the FF forums. Loving the new forums by the way!  :)

Anyway I read about the unfortunate closure of FileFront and thought it was total nonsense and of bad taste that they didn't warn us with more anticipation and gave us time to save important things in the forum! So I remembered a useful thing you can do with Google search - cached pages.

I've already posted this on the blog, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to post here as well:

Search for thread links and topic names you remember on Google and click to see it "In Cache". Example:

Currently it shows the pages as they were on 23rd March.

If you can't find a page by the name of the thread try searching for the first general section, see its cache, look for the page you wanted to see (if you're lucky it was still on 1st page and in cache) and copy the link to it. Then just search for that link in Google.

Use "" at the start and end of your search to search for specific phrases. You can also go to advanced search and tell it to search only on page links. Doing this and searching for links and page names I remembered I managed to salvage a couple of stickies.

Some pages were more important than others, but I got all the ones I could remember of and managed to search, especially most sticky threads.

Here's what I got so far.

This has the image files besides the html.

Currently I'm also trying to get some bug reporting threads, by looking at the board-reader website:

Then I search for the topic threads and hope to be able to get a cache of the first page of said thread:

endless game

Grappling hook clipping wall

Leaves disappearing

If you can remember other important threads you can do the same and hopefully save a couple you thought were important or took a long time to write etc. Don't know how much time we have before Google clears the cache, so I advise everyone to try and get anything before it's too late!

Yes we are aware of Google cache and the other means of trying to get back some of the old bug posts. However if you find any...see this thread.

Admiral Donutz:
AYe, that is exactly how me and some others salvage some forum information over the weekend. Thanks thought, it might hep some forumers to salvage their precious post or thread (or I guess you could bring up an important thread you think the devs/staff forgot about reposting).

Well I'm not sure if you think these are important but this is what's in the .rar files I linked to.

FH General Discussion:

Historical Texture and Sound Pack for FH 0.7 Released!
Bratwurst FH2 supersmall Soundpack released
Historical Sound and Texture Pack by Mr. Cheese and Bratwurst SUMMARY EDITION

FH2 Suggestions:

Suggestions - For The Love of God, Read This!

FH Help & Support:

FH1 for BF1942 Installation and download guide
FH2 for BF2 troubleshooting
FH 2.1 Problems & Solutions
Forgotten Hope for BF1942 on Vista
Vista and FH1

FH Mapping:

FH2 mapping tutorials

Forgotten Hope on Folding@Home:

Fold for Forgotten Hope

What I personally think that could be added back and seems to be missing are:
- Adding the extra info of the old Forgotten Hope 2.1 Problems & Solutions thread to the Common Problems & Solutions thread.
- FH2 Server Admins notice thread.
- Texture and Sound pack by Mr_Cheese & Bratwurst release news threads.
- FH1 Help & Support threads (Vista, installation etc).
- FH2 mapping tutorials
- Rad's Forgotten Hope on Folding@Home thread

As for the FH Bug Reporting threads I didn't find much. Mainly because there were only about 5 recent threads, since others were old and weren't displayed with my forum settings at the time.

In any case this is what I got with Google cache:

Breda 37 Tripod
endless game
Leaves disappearing
Missing wound shader
Grappling hook clipping wall

Well then since it seems no one is volunteering to bring back some of the threads can I repost the following threads then?:

In General Discussion:

* Moving files errors (bf2.tmp etc)
* FH2 Server Admins notice thread.
* Texture and Sound pack by Mr_Cheese & Bratwurst threads.
* Rad's Forgotten Hope on Folding@Home thread
In Help / Support:

* FH1 Help & Support threads (Vista, installation etc).
In Modding:

* FH2 mapping tutorials


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