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Hello and welcome to the official Forgotten Hope forum.

To ensure that everyone's stay here is enjoyable, we have set up a few rules we expect everyone to follow:

General Rules
- Please be considerate in your posting and treat other users with respect. 'Flaming' and insulting other users does not solve any problems and it does not make your arguement any more valid. Be kind!
- Listen to forum staff and follow their instructions. Even though something you did wasn't mentioned explicitly as forbidden in these rules, it doesn't mean that it's always allowed.
- No 'warez'. Do not post links to websites from which you can download illegal content. This includes websites that link to no-cd patches and cracks.
- Keep copyright laws in mind. Showing any material that has copyright is not allowed and can get our host in serious trouble.
- No 'plagiarism' allowed. Showing work (either 3d models, maps, etc.) that someone else has created and claiming it for your own --you will be issued a serious warning. If a user wishes to repeat, they will be banned.

- No pornographic content. Any users who brake this rule can expect to be banned permanently without warning.
- No graphic content. Not everbody wants to see photo's of human bits and pieces splattered all over the place. If posting images of wounded people and such please use some common sense.
- Signatures are nice and allow you to be quickly recognised by other users, but having to scroll through pages of pictures can be a pain. For this reason the maximum overall size for signatures may not be more than 600 pixels in width and 100 pixels in height.
- Swastikas are not allowed in anything other than historical photographs. This forum in hosted in Germany and as we all know, swastikas are forbidden here. Showing swastikas is only allowed in historical World War 2 photographs.

Servers (FH2 server browser)
-If you are banned from a Forgotten Hope 2 server, please take the matter to that server's own forums. The FH2 team does control who gets banned from any public FH2 server.
Currently, the most populated Forgotten Hope 2 server is 762 Ranking. Below you can check your stats, ask for an unban, etc..

* 762 Ranking | check your stats
* 762 Ranking | ban appeals
* 762 Ranking | report a player
- No advertising. Threads and posts advertising commercial products or companies are not allowed. Users who sign up to advertise will be banned without warning. Advertising your FH clan or tournament is of course perfectly fine.
-Asking for donations is not allowed. In order to keep monetary transactions involving our community open and transparent, the use of this forum to ask for donations for a third-party is not allowed. This also includes posting links to other websites that ask for donations.

If you violate the above rules, your post may be edited or removed entirely and ultimately your account may be banned.

Enjoy your stay on our forum! Be polite, folks!

Best regards,
The Forgotten Hope Team


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