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I am threating to sue!!!

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Hello, if any community members can read this I am currently planning to file a lawsuit against this mod. failure to comply or no to little progress in resolving the issues listed below WILL RESULT IN A LAWSUIT. punishment may be applied if the lawsuit is filed. Banning the account that wrote this will also result in a lawsuit.

1. Broken maps and map packs.

some maps are broken in the game CMP maps installed are also broken. these broken maps display python errors before crashing. I would like these maps to be fixed. there have been no fixes for recent CMP Maps. I can currently not accept any version given out by the community because of the issue below

2 Malware/Viruses.

This is a security concern for me. whenever installing anything for this mod I am concerned that they contained or they show that they have Malware/Viruses. I order that files for this game do not contain viruses or malware. if there is a discovery or failure to remove malicious software it is probably certain that law enforcement action will occur.

3 Broken standalone version

The standalone version of the mod is broken as I have noted some errors for it. one of the errors that occur is when I am playing for an extended amount of time on the standalone version at some point the game crashes without any errors given. please fix this ASAP.

4 difficult installation with battlefield 2

I decided that if I uninstall the standalone version of the mod and then reinstall the mod on battlefield would fix a lot of problems. it caused more problems. first, the launcher didn't function correctly so I had it install an outdated version of the mod. problems still occurred as
I couldn't create an account, I also assumed that no server support was installed. please fix this ASAP.

we hope you can resolve these problems and have a nice day



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[/quote you're not helping in this situlation]
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@Capten_C You're not helping in this situation :(

ban this guy  ;D


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