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German running animations


Hello, I used to play this mod many years ago. And recently just saw a YouTube video about the new update. Looks phenomenal. But something that really caught my eye were the Germans running with their weapons in the right hand. Bravo! That is absolutely correct. And the animations look great! Better than Red Orchestra 2 even.

Does anyone have a show reel of these animations? I’d love to see that. Who made them?


Those animations were already there in the previous releases (or at least the last one for sure so 2 years ago).

McClosey is the 3p animator made them, he did a lot of very nice animations for the 2.6 release
(very nice idle animations ! he deserves a medal)

the trailer from the previous release:

if you want to see gamplay video you can check those 2 channels:

To be fair, it was Harmonikater who first came up with those. You can see the animation in the 2.53 trailer. That being said, I got nabbed shortly after and started reworking character animations from the ground up, i.e. including lower body animations. With that I had to remaster Harmo's original animation to make it fit the new lower body animations better - I also made a couple new variants to spice things up even more. So yeah, while I technically did make the animations currently in the game, they are merely a continuation of the work started by Harmo years ago ;)


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