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Just a simple question about bots


i was wondering if the newest update with the old FH0.7 maps (its a really cool looking update i cant wait to try it out, but im waiting for the download) has bots? i mostly play with bots and isnt a really big fan of multiplayer, because i live in a country with really shitty internet, if there isnt bots, is there any coop map pack that i can download that has bots? thanks for the help!

Unfortunately no, no bot support. But some people on our discord are trying their hand at making support for it.

Thanks mathew i really appreciate it, unfortunately im banned from the discord, i seriously do not no why, i was trolling a little bit (nothing bad or anything) and suddenly got banned, and i just kind of forgot to appeal for an unban, but when the bot support comes out how do i get it?

I'm working on Kharkov Outskirts right now:


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