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They call you a noob for those cheating accusations because it's mostly the new players or those from countries with a terrible ping who claim "impossible" shots, whereas veteran players seem to experience this very rarely. I have been playing this game for years and you don't see me complaining in my videos. Now I'm not saying there aren't cheaters out there, in fact there is one well known one who keeps getting banned. But most of the really good players are just that: people who played this game for ages and know all the tricks and normal hiding spots.

First of all, yes, there are cheaters in this game. It is an old game, Bf2 is a well known platform. There are cheaters 100% sure. However, this is by far not the only way to get good KDs in this game. Why is that like this? Fh2 is by nature an unfair game. That is certainly what I - and I think others - enjoy most. It is deadly. It rewards, if you camp correctly, if you use your weapons correctly, if you approach your enemy from behind. It punishes you, if you think you can run across the open or use the stupid direct routes or just think that a sherman will punch through the glacis plate of a panther. Never gonna happen. Most kills come from one shot one kill weapons.

Just imagine, you make your way behind or to the flank of a group of 5 enemy soldiers with an MG. In this game - in contrast to for example the recent BF1 - you just need one hit per enemy player. Spray them with MG rounds, they are all certainly dead. If you do this in enemy other game, where you need 4 or 5 hits, they will turn around and kill you. However, FH2 rewards you, if you position yourself correctly. Just imagine now, what a good player will do. Camp, reposition, attack the mindless hordes of players from behind, the side, nice camping positions. You will end up with 50 kills. Now think about someone using a panther or a tiger smartly. This will even be better.


TS is right that many new players won't be taken seriously about calling people out on cheating. We've seen a lot of 'cheating' accusations before, even tho there was nothing valid about them.

Also, the veterans of this mod a better understanding of the maps; this means that they might understand where they got killed from while newer players would call the same shot "impossible."

It doesn't help to accuse people of cheating in all chat on the server. It causes arguments that clog the chat and get people upset. Best thing to do is try to find solid proof and post it on the forums. Unfortunately, for admins like us, solid proof is very hard to find. And we're not gonna ban people from a game with so few players, unless we have a good reason.


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