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--- Quote from: MajorMajor on 20-01-2018, 23:01:46 ---In RS2 there are both systems present: USA/Australia have squadleader spawn, while VC/NVA have tunnel spawn (anlogous to the RP, but of course much closer to BF:VN's squad tunnels). Having played ~40h of that game, I have to say that SL spawn is better, just because it is more foolproof. Both systems can be camped, but SL spawn just requires the SL to be alive in order for it to work. Far to many times I've played rounds as VC/PAVN and no one would be bothered to place the tunnels, or placed them at useless or horribly exposed positions.

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I agree with this. I have over 100 hours in RS2 and I personally find less problems with the SLer spawn. Mainly because your average pub player is not very observant and if he doesn't place a tunnel it can be VERY frustrating.

However, a big thing about RS2 is that it's a newer game and it is able to prevent exploits. For example, you can't spawn on a SLer if he became a SLer while he was alive. i.e. no SLer roulette. You also have the ability to view your spawn before spawning, so you can see if you'll be spawn killed.

Also, if you want to discuss this, it's probably best in its own thread. I didn't want this to become a 'general gripes with FH2' thread.


--- Quote from: GeoPat on 20-01-2018, 21:01:36 ---I dont want to seem close minded but I'd rather spawn next to a radio than on top of a guy's butt.
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Now you're just being homophobic ;)

On a serious note: like posted above, it has been experimented with and it didn't work. Yes, "giving birth" is awkward, so is whiggling a wrench and repairing a 30 ton tank in under a minute. But it's a game mechanic which works.

As for the SL not being active: there are certain maps in which I ike being SL (hint: they are the more close quarteer maps), and in others I'd rather not because I will die too often: that's just my playstyle (wearing "Most Deaths" proudly very often). But even if you don't shoot your gun you can participate and be very useful: spot for arty, spot tanks, heal teammates, smoke off a route, cap points.

It'd be nice to see the roulette thing go: the disadvantage (an uncohesive and often incomplete squad) far outweighs the advantage (a new SL close to the front).


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