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Hey guys,

I wanted a way to post these FH2 themed Holiday images I did a while back, but I also figured that I'm not the only one dicking around in Photoshop or some other medium. :P

So here's a way to post whatever sort of FH2 themed creativity you guys have come up with; wallpapers/ sigs/ screenshots that've been photoshoped/ etc...

Hopefully we can get some cool stuff in here and maybe even do requests for wallpapers or promotional images to be posted to other websites and stuff. 8)

Also if anyone needs image editing advice or critique, hopefully someone's knowledgeable enough to answer. 

So if you've got a creative image you wanna show off that doesn't fall under the traditional model,skin,map post it here. :D (let's just keep it FH2 themed to not go off topic)

So here are a few images I did about a week ago while getting into the Holiday spirit ;)


Eppeldorff is perfect for some Christmas screenshots


This one I got a little carried away on :P it started out as a compilation of my favorite weapons in FH2 but ended up as sort of a 'thank you' to the Devs and all the hard work they've put in to give us this mod 8)


They're all 1920x1080 if anyone wants a Holiday wallpaper for the next few days ;D

Hope you guys enjoy them and post some of your own stuff

Happy Holidays :)

p.s. I felt this was most appropriate in the modding section but feel free to move it anywhere

Nice :) Also, moved to General Discussion and stickied, because why not.

Those look very heart-warming, thanks Matt!  :) I especially love the detail on the last one with the dev names on each object.

Merry Christmas all!

"What's under your tree?" Haha nice :)

Matt I love it man! The first one immediately went on my desktop background.

Merry Christmas everyone!


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