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Rules for News Submission


These are a set of rules I've come up with for those who are thinking about submitting a news to be posted on the official website.

--- Quote ---1. News submissions must be sent within a week of the desired post date via Private Message on the official FH2 Public forums to "azreal".
2. All submissions are subject to review by the FH2 team and may be subject to rejection.
   2a. Do not send in news requests for a fan map, map pack, or any updates for a WIP minimod.
3. All images and videos can be NO BIGGER than 500px width by 700px length and must be saved as a .jpg or .gif.
   3a. Traditionally, larger images are saved as .jpg and smaller ones as .gif.
4. The entire post must be formatted CORRECTLY using HTML. This means using the <p></p> tag as well.
5. All mentions of "Forgotten Hope" or "Forgotten Hope 2" must be bolded.
6. Please try for correct spelling. We understand not everyone is a native English speaker, and I will help out with the grammar portion, but with Firefox's spell-check feature, it's pretty easy to check for spelling.
   -Either UK or US English is acceptable.
   -Also, the non-English portion is not supported anymore, so news posts are ONLY in English.
7. Finally, no outside announcements will be made during a release week, and I will not delay a news post for an outside announcement.
--- End quote ---

With that being said, these rules are not meant to alienate anyone. I work by these rules pretty much every week, and to be honest, I don't think that they are that hard to follow. Just some simple guidelines to make things run smoother between the FH2 and any outside news teams. However, I would like to point out that if any of these rules are not met, I will simply reply stating what is wrong and will not make the post or fix it for you. Thank you.

*updated 09/17/2010. Rules are subject to change.*

updated 12/06/10

-Added rules for video size in a news post.


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