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I always thought the flamethrower was hilarious, but it does feel like it lacks the polish that most of FH2 has. The flames that are left on the ground look weird and seem to either have hitbox or rendering issues, as I've been killed by them when the nearest visible flames are like 10ft away. The flame effect is also just not tall enough which makes them hard to see under vegetation or around hedgerows.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: Can you resupply a tank?
« on: 17-04-2020, 00:04:10 »
There are also pick-up kits that have an ammo box that you can drop next to a tank to slowly resupply it. The kits show up as a box with a rifle on top of it, but I don't remember if any are present on Hurtgen forest. 

Don't forgot to add the StG44 to every single map, even those with no Germans! But make sure to lock it behind dozens of hours of grinding, along with ever other weapon besides that magazine-less k98 - the route to success is to dilute the fun as much as possible!

I really like the German sprint animations - it makes it significantly easier to differentiate friend from foe so long as people aren't picking up k98's from the ground. Plus, it's a nice bit of flavor that I've not seen in other games.

Vossenack / Re: Vossenack 64
« on: 20-07-2019, 23:07:25 »
How about making Oberdorf and Unterdorf cappable only when you have Church?

I think it would work better if Hof was the one made to require church because there is often a good amount of fighting between Kall trail and Oberdorf, but the map could benefit from some form of push.

I'd actually be okay with both Hof and Unterdorf being removed altogether and replaced with forward infantry spawns, since they're kind of in a weird spot where I'm not sure if it's even a good idea for the opposing team to backcap them. Hof has this problem less so, but I regularly see games where allied squads are sitting in Unterdorf getting camped by German armor and losing way more tickets than they gain by bleed. Allied infantry that do spawn there also can't easily head anywhere else, since the area around Unterdorf is relatively open, likely full of German armor, and it's a long walk to other flags. This is all combined with a lack of AT emplacements, allowing German armor to bypass the whole area if they want to go somewhere else on the map, and it really feels like the flag is strategically useless except as a distraction for tankers who want easy kills.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Maps load extremely slowly
« on: 07-07-2019, 22:07:02 »
I got back to this and it seems that just running in admin mode fixes the problem. Not sure why that suddenly popped up, but I probably should have tried it before going through the trouble of reinstalling  :P

Thanks for the suggestions!

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Maps load extremely slowly
« on: 02-07-2019, 05:07:46 »
Once had a problem like that with punkbuster verifyong files very slowly. I completely removed and reset my profile in MyDocuments in the FH directory and it fixed the problem. I also verified all BF2 files (if you have the Steam version).

Good suggestion, but it didn't seem to fix the issue. I've also tried singleplayer and gotten the same problem so it's probably not punkbuster. I'll continue to screw around with different things I guess.

FH2 Help / Support / Maps load extremely slowly
« on: 30-06-2019, 17:06:16 »
I've recently run into an issue where maps are loading extremely slowly, and after about 15 minutes they're usually only 3-5% finished loading. I've tried completely uninstalling/reinstalling onto a different hard drive but still get the same issue. Deleting C:\Users\$USER\AppData\Local\Forgotten_Hope likewise doesn't seem to help.

Anyone have any idea on what would cause this?

Suggestions / Re: Facelifting old & disliked maps
« on: 08-02-2019, 17:02:47 »
Yeah, it's pretty with the tracers flying around but the night maps in FH2 are practically unplayable with the settings I typically use. Thankfully there aren't many of them.

General Discussion / Re: FH2 Thursday Reloaded!
« on: 25-01-2019, 02:01:57 »
I joined the Discord channel. I'd certainly be up for trying to get FH2 Thursday going again!

General Discussion / Re: Blinking flag
« on: 06-12-2018, 01:12:06 »
The old flag system was not rewarding defenders enough, in my opinion. In order to be successfull at defending in the old system, you had to have a full squad at every open flag in case of the lone jeep... etc.
This is why I like the blinking flag system. A lot of FH2 maps have flags that sit open but very rarely ever get attacked, and nobody wants to sit around doing nothing for 40 minutes on the off chance that a stray jeep might come along.

It also helps with some counter-attack cases like British flags on Supercharge, where the Brits have no difficulty defending their flags overall but it used to be possible for stray Germans to sometimes sneak in and steal a flag while most of the Brits are off attacking the next line. This totally screwed up the flow of the map but is pretty well prevented now.

Community Polls / Re: Transports showing in mini-map
« on: 25-08-2018, 18:08:06 »
IMO, many of the stock maps actually keep the action where the engine is buggiest, lot's of people at close quarters.  It turns a great game into lag and frag, spawn die spawn die.  In general it favors low pingers with good shooter skills.  It's basically a field day for young Germans, atm.

Frankly, this is what most people want from the game. Players want action, and don't care enough about winning the map to wait around defending flags that rarely, if ever, get attacked. IMO this is why most of the CMP maps play poorly on the public servers - I mean you can sneak attack the rear flags on Westwall but even on a 100 player server the probability that there will be any defenders there is low.

But I think transports should stay visible just because they're usable transports and players may need them. Teamlocking transports would be okay though, as it's easy to teamkill players in enemy jeeps since they're so fast that you have little time to check the minimap.

General Discussion / Re: The future of FH2
« on: 22-08-2018, 03:08:29 »
There are some minor issues with SL spawns (people cycling the SL position when the SL dies, for instance), but reworking the spawn system would be a pretty massive change to address something that isn't obviously a real problem.

In the campaigns it works wonderful
The campaign maps were designed around that concept - most official maps would need changes to support it. Open desert maps, such as Siege of Tobruk or El Alamein, just have nowhere outside of flagzones that you could place a rally point without it getting immediately noticed. Furthermore, removing the ability to spawn on SLs in tanks would alter the balance on most maps in the game, particularly in Tiger-centric maps like Sidi Bou Zid or Ramelle, but also in maps like Brest where infantry are just not very survivable. Finally, it also breaks up squads, because if your SL is on the way to somewhere you wouldn't be able to just spawn in their halftrack with them.

Putting a rally point as a backup for the SL is an option I guess, but it seems unnecessary. I like the pressure put on the SL and their squad to keep them alive, it's one of the few games where there is a real motivation to not die. If you don't like being an SL you also don't have to play one-there are usually more people wanting to be an SL than there are players to fill their squads.

General Discussion / Re: Best new map and balancing changes
« on: 06-08-2018, 23:08:54 »
I wanted to give some time to see how gameplay settled out in some of the maps before voting, but my favorite so far is Ihantala.

Ihantala - I really like the combined arms aspect of this map, and the infantry combat is excellent. My only suggestion is that I think the tickets need to be reduced slightly or the bleed increased, since the map tends to drag on too long, especially if the Soviets are winning.

Lenino - I also really like this map overall, it just needs slightly improved defenses for the Germans particularly at the forward flags.

Ogledow - The first line of flags is fun, and the push towards the second line an interesting mechanic similar to the Ramelle where the Germans need to carefully protect their tanks. I like the idea, but this map is so damned frustrating to play as German.  The KTs inevitably get taken out eventually, and this means restarting from the previous line and waiting around for the next wave of KTs. The biggest problem though is even once the Germans do take one of the second line flags, those flags are extremely difficult for the Germans to defend. Armor spawns in the main are very far away, meaning that reinforcements take ages to arrive, and the infantry spawns aren't ideal for defending the flags. Every time I've seen the Germans manage to cap a flag in the second line it falls again within a couple of minutes.

This map needs some balance tweaks to avoid it getting bogged down at the second line of flags, but once those get fixed I think it will be a fun map.

Studienka - This is the only map in the patch that I'm not much of a fan of. The map is pretty and reasonably balanced, and I like the very open fighting around the central bridge. However, the rest of the map feels kind of like one of the CMP maps, specifically in that it seems like players don't put much effort into defending the outer flags and instead just run around in a circle capping flags without enough fighting. I assume the bridge chokepoints were put in to try to control this, but it's kind of hard to make use of those chokepoints with the limited vision range and the few AT guns on the map. Some people clearly like the slower gameplay style of these more spread out maps, but personally I feel like this map is just too big for a conquest map.

I can throw in my 2 cents.

-Supercharge: Increase the flag capture at Sidi Abd el Rahman. Too many effort to take it,
and half of the map is not playable because of this (the brits rarely reach the 2 final flags).

This map actually gets a bit of balancing love in the next patch. Not exactly increasing the cap radius, but tweaking assets to give the Brits an advantage in the early stages. Also some better spawning I believe. We'll see how it does, since I think this map is a ton of fun if it actually progresses like it's supposed to.

That's great! I've always really liked the core design of Supercharge, and even if the map is basically impossible to win for the Brits at the moment, they usually still advance at a consistent pace so the map doesn't get bogged down at one line of flags. Furthermore, I think the map could be balanced somewhat easily by reworking the spawns at Ghazal Stn (specifically moving them further behind the flag so Germans aren't constantly spawning in bunkers directly in the path of the Brits), and doing something like adding a flag at the railyard south of the last city flags to give the brits a forward spawn point that can be capped with armor.

St lo Breakthrough / Re: Breakthrough at St. Lo 64
« on: 17-07-2018, 21:07:25 »
Could the spawns at the Hill be changed for the germans?
Its pointless IMO that you spawn at that barn and have to run through MG fire from the Shermans to defend the capzone. Teamlocked spawns would be a good idea i think!

That spawn really should get moved. In addition to the spawn camping issues, the Americans often attack from that direction which leads to the Germans spawning on top of or behind them.

I don't think the Germans should spawn in the trenches because that flag is already really difficult for the US to take, but maybe a small house+spawn could be added further to the south-west where it would be less in the path of the US.

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