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Suggestions / Battle of Aras 1940
« on: 09-06-2022, 20:06:50 »
Has anyone thought about making a map for the Battle of Aras 1940.

Very good Royal Tank Museum feature here.

I think it would be cool to have a map with the BEF and the French against the Wehrmacht and SS.

FH2 Help / Support / Crash Seen During Bocage
« on: 28-05-2022, 01:05:16 »
C++ error.  See attached screen cap.   Hoping this is server side as there is no C:\Dice folder locally or any subdirectories of it.

Could it be an invalid reference or is it really a subtract from zero of a numeric type that cannot be negative.

Note that Schwartzenuss, Sagdyev and I all saw this the other day as well.  I'm pretty sure it was on a different map.  (caveat:  might have been a similar error referencing a different line of code).

FH2 Help / Support / Launch Issue
« on: 29-04-2022, 21:04:09 »
Seeing error about gamespy when trying to join the server.  Is the WaW gamespy server down?  If I select Ignore it fails to open and I have no mouse displayed, which forces me to do a signout.

Suggestions / Remagen
« on: 25-04-2022, 16:04:42 »
Listening to Mark Felton right now, and it got me thinking.  Has anyone thought about creating a map for the Battle of Remagen?  It seems like it would be a fun map, and the Luftwaffe had Arado jet bombers and ME-262s involved. 

It seems like there was one for FH1 if I remember correctly.


Microsoft will be forcing folks to migrate to Windows 11 soon.  Has anyone installed and tested FH2 in the Windows 11 environment?  Thanks.

Full audio book can be found below on YouTube.  I've read it.  It's an excellent book.  I truly believe that it is  the best personal account of a soldier's, or in the case a marine's, experiences in combat.  Gritty.
If you want to read it and cannot find it at your local library, Amazon has it.

Off-Topic / Complete D Day Radio Broadcast (Allied News)
« on: 09-09-2021, 22:09:50 »
Found this on YouTube today and have been listening to it.  Check it out.  Really cool.

General Discussion / Admin Commands - Question
« on: 14-08-2021, 02:08:24 »
Earlier this evening when we were playing Mersa Matruh, a guy w/o a nick showed up and was using an aimbot. It was frustrating for all involved.  After being banned, he showed back up.

I was reviewing the commands here:

In particular, I was looking at these commands:

admin.addAddressToBanList [IP address] [timeout] - Enter the IP number you want to ban.

admin.addKeyToBanList [CD key hash] [timeout] - Enter the CD key hash you want to ban.

I was told that they couldn't ban by IP address.  Can someone explain that one to me?  Just curious.  Based on the admin commands for BF2 it appears that one could do so.


Bug Reporting / Weird End of Game Message
« on: 23-04-2021, 01:04:05 »
Earlier today I logged into the PlayFH2 server.  It was one of the Finnish Maps.  The map changed right after I connected.  When it switched instead of saying "Best Russian Squad" it displayed "Best Chinese Squad".  It didn't display any information in the other areas of the page as it normally would.

This seems like very odd behavior.  I asked about it in game.  No one else noticed that.  I tried to get a screen cap, but before I could press <Fn><Print Screen> that screen was replaced by the next one in the end of map /  beginning of a new map sequence.

Any insight on this would be appreciated. 

Anyone else seeing this today?  FH2 won't connect to the gamespy server on the WaW Server.  Consequently I cannot play.

Clicking on Servers from the launcher shows all of them empty.

Off-Topic / Very Cool WWII YouTube Channel
« on: 26-07-2020, 19:07:32 »
Military History Visualized

Is it just me, or does this voice sound like a familiar one on in game VOIP and TeamSpeak?

General Discussion / Fall Gelb
« on: 21-07-2020, 03:07:13 »
I'm very excited about the new Char B1 tank model.  Are you guys working on French infantry skins as well, and if so can we anticipate any Fall Gelb battle maps soon?

FH2 Help / Support / FH2 Launcher and Release 2.56
« on: 14-05-2020, 17:05:01 »
Will the current FH2 launcher update our current version to 2.56 or will we need to use a different methodology?  Thanks.

General Discussion / Weird Update Message Seen
« on: 16-06-2019, 21:06:41 »
I was playing earlier today with my old laptop and I saw a message "new 3.4.666 version of Forgotten Hope 2 is available.  Do you want to update?"  I select NO and proceeded to play.  Upon exiting the game, I decided to test this by launching it again.  Same message popped up.

(1)  Has anyone else seen this?
(2)  If this is not a known bug / issue of some sort, do you think my FH2 Loader has somehow been compromised?  I plan to run a full scan with anti-virus, anti-malware, etc.

General Discussion / CMP Map Question
« on: 08-01-2019, 17:01:48 »
Are there any plans to update the CMP Map Pack so that it will work with the current version of FH2, or will it already work with it?  Just curious because I've not see any of the maps in rotation on the 762 server lately.  I miss the Pacific maps with ships.  :(

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