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General Discussion / MOVED: I'm Back, Sort Of
« on: 31-07-2011, 02:07:43 »

General Discussion / Complete revised 2.4 Changelog
« on: 14-07-2011, 21:07:55 »
After Tuesday's release of our internal changelog, there were some understandable complaints that it was incomplete, largely ambiguous and partly incomprehensible, so I have taken the time to completely rewrite it to a form which is clean, structured and hopefully a lot less ambiguous, so it is clear to everyone what exactly has been changed. I have filtered out all messages relating to content that was not included in 2.4 and I have removed all messages relating to the development and tweaking of new content. I have also rewritten every single entry to it's easier to understand and added many entries (especially in the levels section) that were not in the internal changelog at all. Since the internal changelog is largely incomprehensible (even to a developer) I'm sure I did not manage to include every change that was made, but I do estimate I've listed about 85%.

So, here it is:
Forgotten Hope 2 version 2.3 - version 2.4 Complete Changelog

Off-Topic / No swastikas!
« on: 27-02-2011, 15:02:16 »
Despite having been in place since this forum was erected, the no swastika rule is violated pretty much on a weekly basis. So, to make things a little clearer for you, here's a sticky post explaining it once again.

By German law, swastikas and other nazi symbols are - in principle - not allowed in anything other than historical context. Of course, in some cases there are exceptions, like art forms and religious outings.

This is much too complicated for me however, as I like to keep things simple.

So, the next person who posts a swastika (or any other forbidden nazi symbols) in anything other than a historical photograph gets his post deleted and an angry private message.

Coming later tonight, in about 2 hours, with 3 renders of brand new, never-before-seen-in-FH vehicles.

General Discussion / Ranks / Stats / Awards
« on: 23-09-2009, 15:09:30 »
You've probably read in one of our news update that we are planning to add an official stats (statistics) and awards system to Forgotten Hope 2. Now, we've already done quite some work and testing on this, but I feel we can do with some extra input. At the moment, I feel our awards are too similar to Battlefield 2's awards and who better to ask for ideas about unique FH2 awards than the FH2 community?

Our awards will work quite similar to the ones already in Battlefield 2. When you play on a 'ranked' server, all your information will be send to our awards website (which is currently offline, or I would show it to you) and on this website you can see your stats (how long you played, how many kills you made, etc) and your awards (medals awarded for doing various things). You can, of course, also view other people's stats and see who the top FH2 players are. Which servers are 'ranked' is carefully regulated. Server admins will have to run with specific server variables (like ticket settings and spawn time) and have to apply for 'ranked' server status.

Awards will be for show only, you will not be able to get better weapons like in Battlefield 2.

So, I would like you to think about and discuss the following:
- How do you feel about an official stats / awards system?
- What kind of awards should there be?
- Should awards be serious (like BF2) or fun (like TF2)?
- Should the focus lay on teamwork or individual achievements?
- Should we make our own awards, or focus on historical medals (or a combination)?

Feel free to suggest awards you would like to see and what kind of requirements would be needed to obtain them. We are restricted to the same amount of awards in Battlefield 2, which is 150, so there is plenty of room.

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Yesterday, we showed the Axis Normandy trailer and today, it's time for the Allies Normandy trailer. Before showing it though, we would like to point you to our Pointe Du Hoc Guide, which was made by FatJoe. It shows in detail how best to use the grappling hooks and the thermite grenades and will be a great help for the allied players on this map.

Read the rest of this update on our website.

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. It has been a very hard and busy two weeks for everyone working on Forgotten Hope 2.2, both developers and testers. We have gone through three release candidates, we had to fix numerous issues caused by the Battlefield 2 patch which was released just three days ago and our testers have been making sure everything works pretty much around the clock all week long. But today, we have finally put the finishing touches to our Normandy Theater of War and are proud to announce that Forgotten Hope 2.2 will be released...

Tomorrow, Saturday the 5th of September 2009 at 18:00 UTC

Our original plan was to release today, but Battlefield 2 patch 1.5 and some serious bugs that managed to sneak through the release candidates meant that everyone had to work on getting everything finished right up until today. This is why we did not want to post an announcement the week before the release, like we normally do.

Read the rest of this update on our website.

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. We have quite a lot to show today, but first we would like to welcome yet another developer to the team. FatJoe has been a betatester for Forgotten Hope for a very long time and he has done many of our promotional images and even some vehicle skins. Now, he is officially developer. Welcome FatJoe!

Read the rest of this update on our website.

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Today we have 2 renders and a whole bunch of in-game screenshots on the menu, but before we move on to those, we would like to welcome another new developer. Winterhilf will be helping us out by developing the singleplayer mode for our maps. Welcome Winterhilf!

Read the rest of this update on our website.

As noted on the website, here are all the screenshots:

Marder I and Panzer IV Ausf. H:

Panzer VI Ausf. B 'Tiger II':

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. This week we are showing off the new map 'Falaise Pocket', but before we go to the screenshots we would like to welcome a few new developers. We have added as many as 3 new mappers to our team in the past few weeks; Fuchswiesel, who made today's map, Sorken and Spaetzle. Welcome to the development team guys!

Read the rest of this update on our website.

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Today is the fourth of July and that means it's Independence Day in the United States of America. To celebrate, we are showing the renders of our American player models today.

Read the rest of this update on our website.

Happy Independence Day!

Hello and welcome back to another update of Forgotten Hope. Today we have two new renders of anti-tank equipment; the British 6-pounder MkIV and the German Marder I SdKfz 138.

Read the rest of this update on our website.

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