Author Topic: Click on PLAY, then sits on black screen for 30-40 sec  (Read 86 times)

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I fire up the FH2 launcher, then click on PLAY. The screen goes black for around 30-40 seconds before the SELECT ACCOUNT screen appears. After that, the game runs fine. It always went black before, but only for a few seconds, not 30-40. During the time it's black, there's a couple of faint flickers, as if the  monitor backlight is going on and off, but the screen is basically black the entire time.

This has started happening on all 3 PCs I run the game on, and there doesn't seem to be a logical reason why it suddenly started - other than it SEEMS to have started after a Windows 10 update a number of months ago. Coincidence?

It's not critical - just annoying. I'm on FH2 3.7.606 (according to the launcher), and haven't done any FH2 updates prior to this starting. Any ideas?

UPDATE (5/1/2022)
It appears to be related to ForgottenHope2.exe in the main Battlefield2 folder. When I double-click on it I get the same result - a black screen for 30-40 seconds, then the account selection screen.

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