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FH2 Help / Support / looking for a new gaming mouse
« on: 11-04-2011, 16:04:09 »
Hi guy since many of you here are gamers  i guess you might can help me out here.
i am looking for a new mouse, my almost 8 year old logitech MX1000, it was the first laser mouse ever build for the consumer marked and i love it

but is really starting to act out. making double clicks when only clicking once. and not registering clicks some times,  drag & drop not really working that well anymore etc.
although the double click thing is often very useful when playing FH with semi auto weapons like pistols  to get 2 quick shots of almost on the same spot. saved my life a few times but in general it gets annoying.

what i liked about the mouse was the number of buttons, 3 thumb buttons i wouldn't want to miss in the new mouse. in fh i got prone in center and the 2 command/squad command things on the others.
2 additional buttons at the mouse wheel, not really needed in FH2 (page up/down for quick voting) but in other more "complex" games even those can come in very handy.
and of course the 3 usual buttons left, right, mousewheel.

to sum up:

- new gaming mouse with at least 2 but much more preferred 3 thumb buttons

- no real need for the 2 extra buttons at the mouse wheel

- i dont need any fancy DPI/mouse sense changing

- no need to be a cordless mouse

- laser mouse prefered since i use a "textile" mousepad

price range kind of open, if you can make a good case why your suggestion is good and QUALITY also is fine i am more than willing to pay the price for a good piece of equipment i will use for many years to come. hell the MX1000 cost me 70€ back in the day but i used it 7 years without a problem and only lately it has started acting up.

Off-Topic / Looking for a new headset...
« on: 24-03-2011, 19:03:27 »
Hi guys, i am looking for some help with buying a new headset.
So far i always got myself some nice Medusa Headsets (had 3 of them in the last 7-8 years and was very happy with them) that have support for 5.1 surround sound and include a switching box for easy switching between headset and speaker output.

now i was going to buy the latest of the medusa headsets (medusa NX) but while trying it on in a store i noticed it is simply to small/tight for my head. so this one is out of the picture.

what i am looking for:

- durable headset, so no weak links etc.

- at least 2m cord

- that covers the ears -> shuts out outside noise see picture above, big headphones surrounding the ears, NOT resting on them.

- 5.1 sound in the headset would be nice but it NOT required

- NO USB soundcard included in the headset, i ve seen quite a few people using these and having all kinds of problems with specially older games.

- retractable, (re)movable etc microphone to be able to eat/drink with headset on

prices range up to 100€ but in that case it has to be really something special that makes that priece reasonable. so more aiming at 60€ ;)

Off-Topic / The Map Of Metal
« on: 08-12-2010, 16:12:45 »

Off-Topic / Men of War : Assault Squad beta out
« on: 03-11-2010, 13:11:32 »
register here
get key instantly
enter key in steam

wait for download to finish
cook some tommys inside shermans with tigers :D

Off-Topic / effing awesome !!
« on: 22-09-2010, 11:09:31 »
could have posted in the "found this on the internet" thread but this deserves an own thread.

Off-Topic / R.U.S.E - is out
« on: 13-09-2010, 14:09:01 »
since end of last week R.U.S.E.  the incredible good but historical incorrect RTS game has been released.

with focus on macro-management and strategy  instead of micro-management it is way different to games like starcraft 2, company of heroes or men of war.

i already made a few posts about this when the free-weekends hit aswell as the betas so if you need more info search the forums on ruse or r.u.s.e.

just wanted you to know if you need a competent ally or a good opponent give me a poke on steam ;)

hoping some of you also have the game we maybe can have a few good games together.

Gaming / Starcraft 2
« on: 06-08-2010, 11:08:47 »
hey i guess some of you got starcraft 2
i myself also got it but i need some guest passes for a LAN party so we can try playing a little there.

so if anyone got some spare guest passes they dont need plz send me the keys via PM

thank you ;)

and you can of course use this thread to talk about your great experience with the game ...

Off-Topic / R.U.S.E. Open Beta NOW
« on: 10-03-2010, 10:03:33 »  (requires steam)

since yesterday the open beta is live

the game is WWII set RTS game with less focus on  micromanagement but more focus on how you combine your forces and create a strong striking force.

there is only one resource which makes resource management easy

nations include, each has a certain strength and weaknesses:
germany (tech)
france (defense)
britain (air)
russia (mass)
italy (speed)
usa  (prodkution speed)

the game it NOT realistic (taking out king tigers with american 37mm pak is possible), simplified (no building trenches, no formations, no mines, no front/side/rear/ armor values)

forces a devided in
infantry (+ smaller infantry support tanks like sdkfz-222 etc)
tanks  (light medium heavy superheavy)
anti tank (pak guns and tank hunters like m10 wolverine, marder etc)
artillery & anti air ( small and big flak guns, + howitzer & self propelled guns)
air (recon, paratroops, fighter, fighter-bomber, bomber)
experimental (has MAUS , tortoise, puma, P24,   all the fun stuff :D)

the beta has 1on1, 2on2, 3on3, 2 on 2 on 2, and FFA game mode.
the maps range from rather small to very huge and look amazing. zooming in and out is awesome. same is the sound when  you are zoomed in at max on a sturmtiger and it fires its 380mm mortar the whole ground shakes.

beside your basic tactics you are able to use  so called RUSES
these include  concealing your units movement with "radio silence", revealing enemy units with "spy", increasing your units speed by 50% for s short time with "blitz", deploying a large force of dummy units as decoys, striking fear into the enemies units with propaganda "terror" to make them retreat earlier  and a few more ;)

tactics are more viable then simply pumping out 20 tanks and trying to overrun the enemy.
concealed AT guns and infantry hidden in forests or cities will take down even the heaviest tanks in they get to close.

i highly recommend giving the beta a try, it looks great and plays good too. finding the right combination of forces to counter and overpower the enemy is nice.

again it has MAUS , churchill AVRE, IS-3 and other nice goodies, should be enough to make some people interested  ::)

look out you might see me hanging around there spreading the word ...

thats how close we are to normandy   8)

thx Fatjoe for creating the image

and yes i suck at taking pictures

I was just wondering what do you people use for VOIP chatting in games/online stuff.
specially regarding software like Teamspeak, Mumble & Ventrillo etc. but also the ingame VOIP of games like BF2, HL2, Red Orchestra etc ...

if you want you can give some reasons in the comments.

FH2 Help / Support / Recording FH2 videos 1st person
« on: 24-04-2009, 11:04:11 »
i was wondering if any of you has an alternative to FRAPS when i comes to recording videos of FH2. the battle recorder + dmeo files work but you only get 3rd person view and i want 1st person.

fraps works just fine however the file size is extremely huge. 10 seconds recording in fraps is lke 1GB of HDD space gone. sure i can compress it afterwards to like 10 MB with almost not quality loss but is there another way to make 1st person videos in FH2 ?

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