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Gaming / Cossacks 3
« on: 18-09-2016, 22:09:26 »
Kind of surprised to see a sequel of this great strategy game from early 2000's

It will be released 20th of September. Looking forward to it :)

Gaming / HOI IV
« on: 19-05-2016, 18:05:57 »
So Hoi 4 is out for presale, release date 06/06/16.

Anybody here preordering ? :). I think it looks very polished, let's hope it's a bit better than hoi 3 ..

I pre ordered my copy for 25 euro, which seems a fair price for the standard edition . 

Off-Topic / Getting an ice-cream with my grandfather ..
« on: 31-03-2014, 03:03:21 »
Today me and my father went to pick up my grandfather for eating an ice-cream at our home. My grandfather is a really nice guy: he’s the kind of guy who’d bake pancakes or pies if he receives visitors. He has the respectable age of 95 and is a WWII veteran .  My dad visits my grandfather twice a week, I try to do so every Sunday. Since he has a sweet tooth, we go and eat ice-cream allot during the weekends.

This Sunday, that is no different. We go to his house, have a little shit-chat inside, he changes into his good clothes to get outside,  and then go outside to get some ice-cream. My dad gets into my grandfather’s car which is parked a bit further away, in order to move it closer so that my grandfather doesn’t need to walk that far to get into the passenger seat. The car is only parked like 15 meters away from the front door, so it’s not really a big deal.

As my father is driving the car backwards, my grandfather  suddenly collapses. He doesn’t give a sound he just drops on the sidewalk with his eyes closed and not breathing. We instantly called the emergency services, and gave him a heart massage. Aside from one little cough after a minute or so, he did not make a single sound. The emergency services tried to reanimate him, in vain.

The effect of being powerless at such moment is indescribable. He was in good health and did not have any known problems. I’m not as much in shock that he is no longer with us, then I am that he just dropped dead  like a lifeless puppet. One minute your are talking to him, going for an ice-cream and while you are waiting for a car to get nearer, he just drops dead on the spot. Me and my dad are tough guys, but we haven’t cried as much as today I think.

He was a good man, who’s time had come on this planet. But, darn, having someone dying in your arms is quite a shocking experience .   

His stuff that we got back from the hospital. Notice how his watch is already set on the summertime ..

Gaming / Europa Universalis IV
« on: 10-08-2013, 12:08:17 »
So anybody here also pre ordered EUIV ?

It's coming out this Thursday, you can already download a demo to try it out :)

Gaming / The elder scrolls online announced
« on: 07-05-2012, 15:05:03 »
Not really much known from this tittle, but I'm curious what they'll come up with

Off-Topic / Pirates of the burning sea going free
« on: 28-11-2010, 01:11:02 »
we have another one of those previous p2p going to f2p games :

Pirates of the burning sea

Now I love the 17th and 18th century, and as such I collect every video game  that takes place in this era. But this market is not very thickly sown, as there only are a handful of games of during this time period. So I'm sowhat pleased that this will become f2p.

The game takes place in the early 18th century and you can play as one of four faction members : Spanish, British French or Pirates.The Dutch are also ingame but are non-playable.

Now I have been a Beta tester for this game, back in mid 2007 for this game. I found it rather mediocre : this game has a very steep learning curve, and the missions are sowhat repetitive (sink this ship, kill that guy ...) and what I most disliked was the economy of this game.

Everything in this game is player made and player owned. Players buy plantations on a isle, that produces goods. this has to be shipped to another isle to get finished, for instance, by a player that owned a factory. Now the way this is done is by "auction" so players bid on your goods, I found this rather anoying, I would have preferred a shopkeeper that gives you a price on linear scale of offer and demand rather then having to wait till players bid on your wares (as you can't unload till they're sold). But I read there are now shopkeepers in the game, so let's hope this is something of the past.

They seemed to have problems getting their servers populated, and now they're switching the p2p to a f2p model. I never play a game that requires me to play a monthly subscription in order to play, so I quit once this game had gone live.

Now,  I will certainly check this game out again, even if it just was to make a bunch of 18th century characters again.

you can download it here

the game will become free to play this monday

Off-Topic / Must see for owner TES IV: Oblivion
« on: 15-09-2010, 19:09:07 »
Nehirim: at fate's edge just has been released in English.

it's a total convention mod for TES IV, and thus is in fact a different game then TES IV.

I've been looking forward for this mod for some time now. If you own TES IV : oblivion, I advice you to check it out :)

downloading now !

General Discussion / Battlefield 1942
« on: 16-11-2009, 14:11:06 »
Since it may have been a while since you guys played Bf1942 vanilla, here's a quick reminder about the gameplay, and also a quick reminder why you chose FH :P

Ok, normandy has been released for quite a time now. I was curious what sort of cycle most user would prefer. Most servers now rotate mainly on normandy maps, and with this poll we can have an idea weather this is in line with the main thought of our community.

General Discussion / A small help/present for arrow gamers !
« on: 07-09-2009, 15:09:15 »
Hi guys ! I have a small present for the arrow users of the FH comunity( so WASD go away  ;) ). In the first releases, I didn't pay much attention to the fact one could free look in his tank, due to the fact it was more conventional to rotate the turret to observe the landscape.

however, with the arrival of more slow turreting tanks, this might come in handy. However, devs assigned it to a for arrow user unconventional place: left CTRL !

If you want it to be more in hand reach do this :

go to documents/bf2/profiles/0001(or higher if you use multiple accounts).

you will find a file called: controls.fh. open it with wordpath

under LandPlayerInputControlMap find :
ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIMouseLook IDFKeyboard IDKey_LeftCtrl 0 0

you can change it to a more conventional keys or simply add a line ending with 0 1 like this:

ControlMap.addKeyToTriggerMapping c_PIMouseLook IDFKeyboard IDKey_RightShift 0 1

there are 2 rules though :
1) you can't use the same key as crouch(i assume it conflicts with static MG
2) if you alter anything else, be sure it doesn't conflict with controls.con, or it won't work!



« on: 26-06-2009, 12:06:17 »
I start to think that the mobile artillery is beeing forgotten in FH2.

I sort of liked in FH1 to blow up a sherman, sitting in a wesp. Generaly, I think I understand why it has been left out in first instances IE the fear that there whould occure baserape with such weapon.

Indeed, I recon this partially, in that sence that something like this would be suited for evry map. However, I do think there are some maps where this would be apropriate.

The first map that occurs in my mind would be EL alamein. It would be impossible to spawnrape with one of these on that map, becouse of the constant airsupport. An other one could be mareth. Alam halfa and matruh also have that potential, providing these vehicles where available at that time ofcourse.

I agree that maps such as tobrouk whould be a problem for these things.

Anybody esle wants to see wesps, priests and bishops here ?

Cheers, Lufty

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