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Hi all !

This topic is not really tutorial but rather a list of the best tutorial you can find over the net.
It should help you to get a clear view (and good basis) about how to create a handweapons but won't make you a uber modeler, you wil need to learn that by yourself.

It won't be perfect at the first attempt but with the time, it should be.

First, remember that Bf2Editor is still your best resource.

(archived version below, one above is a broken link)

And don't forget Fenring website !

Ok let's begin

1st Step: Searching pictures

It is important when you want to create a weapons to know exactly how it's built.
Consequently you need to search all the picture of the gun from every angle, the different parts the gun is composed etc ...
It will be later very useful to get the correct dimension of your weapons in 3dmax (for example but you can also use gmax etc ...).

You must also try to find profile of the gun like this one (Beretta 9000):

Why? Because you will base your modeling on it. You will put the picture in the background of your modeling tools and then you only have to place the vertex at the right place. Like this:

2nd Step: 3d Model

Beretta 9000 Modeling Tutorial:

Good websites with plenty of tutorials:

Bf2 polygone count

I didn't learn with this tutorial, i've just discovered it later but imo it is a good tutorial to learn handweapons technics (afair).
It requires to know a little bit 3dmax software but the rest is really simple.
Of course with experience, you will learn to optimized your weapons to get the lowest polygone count with the best render.

3rd Step: UVW or unwrap

An In-Depth Look at UVW Mapping an Object in 3DS Max

When you create a 3d model, you need to apply texture to it.
But how ?
basically, there are tools which will help you to say "this polygon should look like that in a texture file blablabla ..."
You will recreate a unwrap which will be needed to skin you weapons with photoshop(or gimp etc ...).
It will be exported thx plug-in like(Texporter)

4th Step:  Skinning

The top ten tips of texturing
- Enin tutorials : it regroups a good number of tutorials.
- Jodonnel - Skinning the Daimler Dingo : a nice example of organization.
creating a weapons for source : good tutorial, focusing on the workflows of modeling, uv'ing, and texturing!

This part is one of the most difficult because it requires artistic senses + a good organization. You will have to learn by yourself and try to find more tutorials to answer your question.
A good advice:
put everythings on layers but never modify directly a textures. Same for the details, a little details must be on a separate layers.

5th Step:  Normal Mapping
The right way/the wrong way
- Create a normalmap from a High poly model
- from your texture: seems to be dead so i post the tuto directly but i will have to check the authorization so perhaps this pictures will be removed later.

2 technics to create NormalMapping:
- via high poly model you project on your low poly model
- via your texture.

6th Step:  Coding

Exporting a weapons
Different style of hierarchies

Coding a weapons is a little bit complex. You need to create a hierarchy which will be used by bf2.
geom0 is the 1st person models
geom1 is the 3rd person models
"Lod" is "level of details" which will be used to show a low pol poly model depending from the view distances.

7th Step:  Animations
Editing Existing 1p Animations, in contrary to creating new ones

Animators are rare so are the tutorials. Witth time i hope we will be able to add more tutorials but the best remains to learn first how to animate in 3dsmax.
About coding your weapons, you can still use the animations of an other weapons until you are able to create new one :P

OK !
It was a short tutorial on how to create handweapons for bf2 (or for other video games).
I hope it has helped you to get a better idea of the job !
Continue to check bf2editor and find new tutorials because i really doubt all the informations are in this topic (especially about bf2 coding).

PS: Do not ask question about these tutorials here. Post only things that can improve this topic !

Authors: Seth_Soldier, Sir Apple, Roughbeak

Sir Apple:
Seth here is another good normal mapping tutorial. It explains it in an easy way for beginners  :).


And here are some excellent texturing tutorials and tips.



Also, your BF2 polycount guide link is broken.  ;) I don't know if this one is the same as you posted, but its probably similar.


BF2 Mod Polycount Guidelines

Please note that these figures are still preliminary and it would be advisable for teams to initially target their models to be 75-80% of the stated recommendations. Also of note is the fact that these figures are intended to get the most out of the Battlefield 2 engine, which is designed to support 100+ players in expansive environments with a mix of urban and open settings.

Vehicles Rec. Max. Polygon count 1P-cockpit poly count

Class 0, i.e. Buggies and civilian vehicles 4000 incl. integrated Kit parts in the mesh Integrated with original mesh
and texture

Class 1, i.e. Hummer or Attack Heli. Airplane 5500 incl. integrated Kit parts in the mesh 1000 (Vehicles with entire
interior could use up to 2000, i.e. Hummer)

Class 2, i.e. Tank 6000 incl.integrated Kit parts in the mesh 1000

Class 3, i.e. AA-Vehicles Or Transport Heli 7000 incl. integrated Kit parts in the mesh 1000

Class 4, i.e. LCAC (Hovercraft) 8000 incl. integrated Kit parts in the mesh 1000

Number of vehicle LOD steps and reduction in poly count.
LOD0 100%
LOD1 40%
LOD2 15%
LOD3 2-4%

Player Models Rec. Max. Polygon count
8000 - 10000

1P Weapons Rec. Max. Polygon count 3P weapon
Heavy MG 4000 40% of 1P
Assault rifle 3000 40% of 1P
Pistol 1500 40% of 1P
Grenade 1000 40% of 1P
Knife 1000 40% of 1P

Buildings Rec. Max. Polygon count

House small (i.e sheds) 800
House Medium (i.e village houses) 4000
House Huge (i.e City houses) 6000

Number of building LOD steps and reduction in poly count.
LOD0 100%
LOD1 50%
LOD2 10%

Misc. Objects
Smaller object doesn’t have any strict rules since it is impossible to categorize them in to groups with a strict poly count.

thx a lot ! Added to the post.

About the link, it is weird because it isn't broken for me  ???
But thanx for posting it there !

good stuff seth. I'm sure I'll find some use for this later down the road.

Prepare to see a Steyr 1912 Repetierpistole in a few days!


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