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Old News - A Forgotten Hope 2 Update


Eat Uranium:
Coming at 1800 UTC today.

Old News

Well, the "old news" are exciting as new brand ones! I loved this early-war vehicles, specially the Pz III equipped with 37mm guns and the dual-color livery. Will they be available in plain feldgrau as well?

Good work to all the team!

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--- Quote from: batistadk on 18-04-2022, 19:04:38 ---...Will they be available in plain feldgrau as well?
--- End quote ---

Those 37mm tanks didn't see much action after Fall Gelb in 1940. Certainly some in 1941, but they would've had some changes to make them look slightly different. Hopefully we'll do all of the P3 & 251 variants. Not for 2.6, but in the future maybe.


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