Author Topic: A tip to slightly improve FPS  (Read 374 times)

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A tip to slightly improve FPS
« on: 06-10-2021, 20:10:07 »
This might be common practise for you if you have a newer game system. Go for 75hz refresh rate on your monitor rather than 60 and use the same hz setting for the video settings ingame as well. I've noticed that on almost all of the SP maps with bots aplenty, there's just less sluggishness about the game when you use that higher hz rate.


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Re: A tip to slightly improve FPS
« Reply #1 on: 19-10-2021, 19:10:19 »
Yah, well... that usually happens with a higher refresh rate (above 60-70) :D

Another tip might be to put the game a few Hz below what the desktop Hz (refresh rate) is,
in Battlefield 2 it makes the frames sync up better to what is going on/depicting it visually.

My monitor is capable of 144hz but I locked it to 120 on the desktop and 112hz in the game itself.

Also, some monitors are locked to 60Hz (officially) but they can often be forced into 75hz,
but it will require a dedicated graphics card and usage of the Nvidia control panel/AMD variant.
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