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Do we need more Africa maps?

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There are plenty of them, but some people keep demanding more. Do we need more Africa maps?

Flippy Warbear:
Who demands more?

I'd love to see more America in NA. (I'm a biased American :P) but I really love the early war stuff;

75mm GMC Halftracks
37mm AT guns
Shermans with yellow stripes
M3 Scout Car
Springfields (hopefully we can get the proper grenade launcher at some point) 8)

There are plenty of custom maps in Africa.  Anyone can always volunteer to polish them up and try to get them released in the CMP.

Hey Flippy, I'm one of those! But notice that I'm not demanding, just asking politely... :)

My point is, our beloved FH2 is, by far, the game with the most assets (factions, weapons, vehicles, statics) to depict North Africa combat, ranging from 1940 to 1943. The theater is well covered, but there are some gaps, mainly on East Africa and late Tunisia. So, if any new Africa map shows up, it would be very welcomed.

So, my vote is: YES!!! MORE!!

Best regards.


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