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FH 2.2 problem
« on: 06-09-2009, 14:09:35 »
Hi all,

Well I installed this newest FH version but I can't get my account to work :(... Every time as I tried to accept my player name/password menu comes "there's error creating socket" :'(. So, I can't play this great mod anymore (previous FH versions worked ok). I have newest BF2 1.5 version installed (works well itself and PR mod as well but FH seems to be problem). I have allowed BF2/FH (and other mods too) in my virus scanner (no any else firewalls needed). Any help?

edit:Sorry wrong alert;)! I got it finally work! I just removed default player choice in menu and used my online account:). I was stupid as I didn't noticed this before...
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