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How to: Suggestions - Read Before Posting


In this forum you can post any suggestions you may have for Forgotten Hope 2. Please keep in mind that someone else may already have had the same idea you have, so to prevent making two threads on the same subject, see if the subject you want to talk about hasn't already been discussed.

Another important thing to remember before posting a suggestion is that Forgotten Hope has a limited development team. We cannot possibly make every single vehicle and weapon for this mod, so we have to make priorities. As a result, very rare vehicles will probably not be included any time soon, so suggesting them is of little use. On the other hand, we have qualified historical researchers, so suggesting vehicles like the Sherman tank and Panzer IV is also pointless.

When making a suggestion, please be detailed. A simple post saying "How about an Omaha Beach map?" is pointless and may even be deleted. Also, make sure your thread title is descriptive of its contents. A thread with the title "A suggestion" will be edited.


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