Author Topic: X-Fi Sound Card and Windows 7 = BSOD  (Read 3949 times)

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Re: X-Fi Sound Card and Windows 7 = BSOD
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Yes Moku  CMSS-3D  is just a software binaural emulator that actually intrduces a a fair amount of PMD and TID (phase modulation distortion and transient intermodulation distortion) to achive it's effects; Audio Creation Mode disables all the software DSP that is not DAP and that may introduce distortion in the driver/software chain.

While the HRTF model emulated in CMS-3D may work pertty well for some people, you can take a look at this Wiki article to understand why it doesn't really work very well as it's just emulating binaural from stereo, it's not really binaural audio. So, again, you're getting technically better fidelity without it, though of course some people may subjectively perfer the aesthetic CMS-3D offers.

Lastly for people that still have trouble with X-Fi stability, you may find more stability with the X-Fi PAX Modded Drivers (as well as better fidelity, and audio off-load performance).  The link above offfers general informaiton and master link to other sites that host the drivers and more information. Please note, this is not an endoresement of the X-Fi PAX Modded Drivers, some people swear by them, some report less stability, and still others (like me) apply individual hacks and tweaks found in this driver distro individually.

Hope this helps, let others know how you make out so they can benefit from your experience and better enjoy FH2!

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