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why would you like devs to say such thing? FH2 won't be standalone, that's almost sure, but we don't know anything about FH3, do we?  ???


--- Quote from: Kelmola on 15-07-2016, 08:07:14 ---Could you perhaps add in the first post a line "The development team has no plans or intentions of making FH2 a standalone game or changing the engine for making FH3 for the foreseeable future"? ;)

--- End quote ---

As we clearly said before, it's not like we have completely ruled out the idea of making the standalone, it is just we have to do it in a proper way and solve this legal thing correctly once and for all. :)

->By the way, please don't start another heated discussion regarding this. You appear to not know this, we know the stuff to death.

FH3.. well, I'll just leave that idea in the dark for you, folks. *flies away*.


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