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Can't say I'm surprised... I probably won't be buying any new Battlefields it seems...

Just discovered a good number of servers that play with no mini-map or hud. Really makes BF3 more engaging. Now if only a brave admin somewhere would start up a server with 50% or less player health.


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im just gonna leave this here.

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Sounds like Reapers are coming.

Kinda sad that i enjoy BF 2 more than BF 3 nowadays. BF 3 makes me regret the purchase

BF3 has a bunch of cool new functions such as the destruction engine, various gadgets (I especially enjoy the Stinger and Javelin missile systems), plus beautiful sounds and animations.

However, I just don't have as much fun playing the game. I think this stems from the map design being different, I think. Most of the BF2 maps were fantastic, which is evident in DICE re-releasing them in the Karkand DLC. Even in BFBC2 I started noticing the difference, as even there only 1-2 maps were truly fun to play. In BF3 I only play 2 mediocre maps.

I also don't see the need for unlocking everything that's needed to make you even slightly useful.

Let's see if BF4 brings anything new to the table, although I doubt it.


id buy bf3 and learn the mod tools to help port over some maps to help out  :D


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