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If you have installed the FH2 Launcher, you are now able to click on links in the form of
which will directly start Forgotten Hope and join the selected server.

This is usable form our gameserver page by clicking the joystick icon next to a server. (standalone version)
and also on every other website using those server connection links.

This also enables you to add a windows shortcut to your desktop, to directly join your favorite server.

Announcements / 2.46 Password
« on: 11-04-2014, 20:04:13 »
The password for Forgotten Hope 2.46:


Off-Topic / The treasure corner
« on: 06-06-2013, 00:06:08 »
So I bought a Metal Detector two weeks ago. Could not do much with it so far, because it rained so much all the time.

Garrett ACE 250. A really good machine, as far as I can tell. 12 different metal type indicators.
Behind it my VW, I wish it would be a Kübelwagen considering the type of dirtroads I use lately ;)

So far i just dug up everything to get some experience on how to interprete the signals.
Most was crap so far, bottle caps, aluminium foil, nail and so on. Also a bunch of undefined rusty iron pieces, which I guess might be 88 shell fragments. There were a lot of those guns shooting above Schweinfurt during he war.

But yesterday I found my first cool coin. 1 Pfenning, Deutsches Reich, from 1911, with a nice eagle on the back.

100 years in the ground. I had to apply quite heavy cleaning measures.

Announcements / "War in the East" - Forgotten Hope 2 Update
« on: 16-12-2012, 20:12:50 »
Todays news contains quite a bunch of interesting things. Coming soon.

War in the East


Off-Topic / History trip: Airfield Gerolzhofen
« on: 28-05-2012, 15:05:47 »
I´ve been doing a trip in my area on saturday, visiting the remains of the "Airfield Gerolzhofen", south of Schweinfurt, beetwen the small villages of Herlheim, Kolitzheim and Zeilitzheim.

In 1936 the RAD workers constructed trenches 6 meters wide and 3 meters deep in a small forrest, for ammunition transports, as well as several bunkers that got filled with bombs and ammunition. Barracks were erected as well, for personnel and guards. Large fuel depots got dug in the ground and a small tower was build.

In the following years the airfield got expanded with more buildings and even underground tunnels were build.
Form 1938 on it was used as for training. HE 123 and Ju88 started from here. Experiments on engines and fuel were conducted.
Later in 1938 a Stuka company with Ju87s got stationed here and the whole area was declared as a off-limit military zone.
Since the front  was far away druing the war, it was used from 1939 for training new pilots on gliders (sailplanes) and also military pilots on Arado and captured French "Morane" training planes.
From 1941 on it was used as a regular airfield. During the end of the war some Ju88 Nightfighters were operating from here.

After the war the Americans blew up the military installations and bunkers in the Forrest.

The official desigantion was "Flugplatz Gerolzhofen" but it is often named "Flugplatz Herleshof" or "Flugplatz Herlheim" as well because those are closest.

"Herleshof" is the name of a old smallholding. A group of houses, barns standing alone out in the fields.
Sadly is it by now nearly all gone. Fallen to dust in the 50 years since it´s uninhabited, while it was first mentioned in 1240 or so.

Herleshof in the 30s

all that is left today

old family symbol on the gate

In the forrest, remains of old bunkers.

Collapsed entrance from inside the bunker. Looks like the local hunter dumped the wood of an old survey stand here.

Large parts of Stahlbeton are scattered over several meters on one of the bunkers. Maybe they used too much explosives on the first bunker they blew up.

All kinds of old things still lying around in the in the forrest

in another forrest. old barracks building maybe

Announcements / Road to Forgotten Hope 2.4: Part 4
« on: 14-07-2011, 19:07:02 »
Welcome back today to the fourth part of our release update series.

We have another Trailer waiting for you and a list of the new things you can find in the 2.4 Release.

Update is coming in 1 hour.

Announcements / Road To Forgotten Hope 2.4: Part 2
« on: 12-07-2011, 19:07:19 »
Part 2 of the Road to Forgotten Hope 2.4.

Update coming in a few minutes. Enjoy!

FH2 Help / Support / 5.1 Sound with Win7 64bit
« on: 04-12-2010, 17:12:54 »
I have a Creative Audigy 2 PCI soundcard.
When I installed Win7 Professional 64 bit, about 6 months ago, I tried to play Battlefield 2 and noticed that I only had stereo sound instead of my precious 5.1.
After like two days of research on the internet and trying different drivers, OpenAl installations and creative alchemy software it finally worked in 5.1 again with ingame setting Hardware and EAX enabled.
The problem is I was never really sure what the solution was. Now I had to reinstall windows (my system SSD failed) and am now unable to get it working again.  :'(
I already tried to use my onboard sound (has 5.1 via chinch as well) but BF2 still uses only front speakers.

So my question is:
Is anyone running win7 and using 5.1 sound in battlefield 2 ?
If so what soundcrad do you use ? (might buy me a new one since mine is about 8 years old now)
Or does anyone know a driver / OpenAl combination that does 5.1 with a Audigy2 soundcard under Win7 64bit?

If I turn around ingame and sounds don´t turn around with me, all my imersion is gone :(
Since I had it already running, even without need for winxp compatability or running fh2 as admin, I won´t rest until it´s working again, but this is freaking me out right now.

Any help would be appreciated.

General Discussion / Qtracker Mapshot Pack for FH2 2.3
« on: 10-10-2010, 16:10:27 »
To everyone using the Qtracker Serverbrowser.

I updated my Qtracker Mapshot Pack to include all 2.3 maps.
you can get it here:

Bug Reporting / Wespe - loosing map ?!
« on: 03-10-2010, 00:10:58 »
I was driving in the Wespe on Villers Bocage and changed a lot between target and normal view and i also tried to cycle trough the external views and somehow my game lost the minimap..

and even the map and spawn selection.

I had to restart the whole game as the problem was still present after reconnecting to the server.
I never had this problem before.


This museum, near Schweinfurt in Northern Bavaria, started as a private collection and is now owned by a bunch of guys sharing a fascination for this old times and machines.

Once a month, there is a tank drive and repair day with public participation. For little money you can drive with them trough testing fields.
There are re-enactments of various themes with big festivals. E.g. they´ve been the only officially invited German Delegation on the D-Day 60 year celebrations and such (feeding the masses with a original working German field bakery). They also reenacted the Taskforce Baum to Hammelburg.
Also there is a big Oldtimer meeting once a year.

Some of the things you can see there: (click for fullsize pics)

Some guys drive on their Lawnmowers, but real men drive Tanks :D

German VW Schwimmwagen

US Willys MB Jeep

Amphicar - 60´s Schwimmwagen (Oldtimerdays 2010)

WW1 Trench System

WW1 Armoured Car

Bofors Canon

Cut open tank turret with still working Scopes

T 34 / 85 and ZIS-3 (or better know in Germany as "Ratsch-Bumm")


an older pic of the ZIS-3  (costal defense gun behind left, u boat deck gun right)

VW Kübelwagen

Four Times the fun :p

Lots of Dioramas for Uniforms

Huge collection of weapons

MG42 on Anti-Air Tripod

Range finders and other Artillery Equipment:

Diorama of the Flak Defense Positions near Schweinfurt. Number 10 is pretty much where I live.

Example for a Layout of an 88 Flak Emplacement (right side is a list of AA Gun Batteries around Schweinfurt in April 1945, earlier there were up to 31 Batteries with a total of 250 Barrels pointing in the Sky)

List of Air Raids against Schweinfurt

Well, all in all a really unique Museum were no one complains if you touch anything. Sadly they got no German WW2 tanks, but the 88, Sdkfz, Kübels and everything else makes up for this.

Off-Topic / Chernobyl
« on: 26-04-2010, 17:04:34 »
Today, 24 years ago, on the 26.4.1986, the worst nuclear accident so far happened as the power plant in chernobyl had a meltdown. Large doses of radiation were set free, poisoning the environment of large parts of russia and europe to this day. Numbers for casualties range widely, from 50 direct death and 4000 later dead from cancer ( to more than 200.000 dead from cancer (
More than 300.000 people were resettled. Even here in Germany, 1700km away, it still is not recommended to eat too much flesh from wild boars, as they eat roots and shrooms that accumulate much of the radioactive isotopes that fell on southern Germany as well.

Let´s hope that mankind's greed for energy won´t lead to such dramatic consequences ever again.
But maybe it does all the time, see the mexican gulf oil disaster the last days.. :(

Bug Reporting / FH Website "Download" - wrong info
« on: 19-04-2010, 18:04:44 »
If you take a look at the Download section of the FH page, the first sentence contains wrong info.
The latest version of Forgotten Hope 2 available is 2.2.
You might want to fix this to avoid confusion among the newbies :P

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