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Hi all,

So I went to start FH 2 yesterday after not playing for a while and it had to update of course. It said it updated then I tried to launch it from the launcher and it has not worked at all since the last time I played months ago.

Once it checks for updates and gives you the all clear, it then takes you back to the main menu of the Launcher, then I select 'Play' and it goes to a black screen as if it's working and changing the resolution, then a grey screen like the FH 2 program is appearing and then back to a black as if it's working and changing the resolution and then I'm back to the desktop where I started.

So I didn't try much before I decided it must have become corrupted somehow in the update or something. So I deleted all FH 2 - because I couldn't find an uninstall wizard at all? - and begun to download the whole thing from the Launcher. Realising this was going to take a week or two I then just downloaded the two part installers from the Downloads page. The first time somehow the second file corrupted. Anyway, got it all installed finally after freezing up, incredibly slow times for the install wizard to show up and all the other painful experiences unnecessary. So that's 2.51 I believe.

Ran the .exe, not the launcher, just the ForgottenHope2.exe or whatever it is that comes with a fresh install. It ran updates, updated a little (1.0 Mb from memory) and then was ready to run like previously. Exact same thing happened and is still happening.

Please help me, I'm struggling.

I use Windows Vista and have put on Admin' rights and the rest. I've never had issues with FH 2 until now to be honest, it's always been smooth for me, including installing and updating.

It's like the process is beginning and then being killed for some reason?



Forgotten Honor Oceania and AEF proudly present... 

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Forgotten Hope 2 is a World War II Modification (Mod') for Battlefield 2. The mod' adds a massive amount of content including weapons, tanks, maps, characters and is being updated everyday. Forgotten Hope 2 is a total conversion from the modern warfare scene back to the World War II era, using the Battlefield 2 engine we all know and love.

Forgotten Honor Oceania is a sub-community of Forgotten Honor catering to the Oceania (Australasia) area and people for organised team-play in campaign based tournaments. Forgotten Honor has vast experience in arranging campaigns for Forgotten Hope 2 and many other games. We are an international online community of players, created by players, run by players and maintained by players.

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Forgotten Honor Oceania: Riding the Avalanche Campaign Management

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