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It happens from time to time that I get a BSOD when playing FH2 with the following message: PAGE_FAULT_IN_NON_PAGED_AREA

I'm using a X-fi Xtreme Music, according to the crash report this would be always caused by Creative drivers.
I recently found a forum where the same issue has been investigated for another game.!-%28Creative-Releases-Drivers-to-Fix-BSOD-Issue%29

It seems using any X-Fi soundcard featuring onboard ram can cause BSOD when running OpenAL (which is the case when BF2 sound settings are set on "Creative X-Fi"). There would be a bug in Creative drivers preventing this memory from being adressed properly, thus crashing the computer.
Here are beta drivers supposed to fix the issue on Creative Website (select your soundcard, then your OS and English as language or they won't appear in the list)

Beta driver 2_18_0015A
was released publicly on 9/16/2011. It is intended for these PCI x-fi cards:

    Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer Fatal1ty® Professional Series
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum Fatal1ty Champion Series
    Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeMusic
    Sound Blaster X-Fi XtremeGamer
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Fatal1ty
    Sound Blaster X-Fi Elite Pro

Beta driver 2_17_0008C was released publicly on 12/12/2011. It is intended for these PCI-E x-fi cards:

    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty® Champion Series
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty® Professional Series
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium Professional Audio
    Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Titanium

So far I've no absolute certainty this will work (I'm using it only since a few days), but according to the other forum it should.  ;)

If you give it a try don't forget to clean entirely the previous drivers before installing those ones (but I guess all users are aware of the mess updating a driver can be with Creative  :P)

EDIT 25/09/2016:

I can currently confirm the following :

- Beta driver 2_18_0015A works. No more BSOD issues with a PCI X-Fi card using this driver.

- Beta driver 2_17_0008C doesn't work. An X-Fi titanium has BSOD issues with it in FH2. Newer drivers didn't fix this.
It seems to work properly only with driver 2_17_0007 and older (though older drivers than this one have microphone volume issues).

Bug Reporting / Sherman V vs Kingtiger
« on: 19-12-2009, 11:12:37 »
Another weird thing: I blew up a Kingtiger with a Sherman V on Goodwood in 2 shots.  :P
Even though it makes me really happy (and the KT driver really pissed off  ;D), that shouldn't have happened since I shot the 2 AP shells nearly parallel to the engine deck, being on the same level as the KT. IRL the shell would have bounced off and hit the turret armor.

My suggestion to prevent such exploits would be to add low alpha channeled "walls" around the engine deck. That would stop horizontal shells, but any weapon being above the tank for any reason (a tank on a hill, a plane in the air, or even a PIAT on the 1rst floor of a house) could still fire upon the invisible "wall" and score a realistic hit.

edit: Not sure it's a good solution, as it may prevent satchel throwing on the top of the engine if the "wall" isn't very low.  :-[

Bug Reporting / Save the poor Italians !
« on: 06-12-2009, 21:12:58 »
I became mad today, and played Gazala with Italian armors only (something I never did, mostly because Italian stuff is known to be quite crappy). Here are all the problems I noticed.  :P

1st point: 47mm L/32 gun is a bit wrong.
- It penetrates a Crusader I almost everywhere (that's good) but a point blank side shot isn't enough to kill it (that should be the result with a 47mm gun piercing such a thin armor)

- This gun bounces off a Stuart front armor whatever the distance is. This is wrong. It depends from the values used to set up FH but the result should be either penetration everywhere in the front armor of the Stuart, or at least in the turret. (penetration data for the gun: 57mm @100m, 44mm @500m, 32mm @1000m vs Stuart armor: 38mm @ various angles for mantlet, turret & superstructure, 44mm @67° for hull)

- Both M13/40 and Semovente L40 use this gun, but the reload time is nearly divided by 2 for the L40. Even though I understand that may have been set to give an asset to the Semovente in tank hunting roles, that's a bit weird (especially because the crew has more space in the turret of the M13 than in the hull of the L40, so it must be a bit less awkward and faster to reload).

2nd point: Semovente L40 armor
Another problem: this box on tracks can be one-shot from any distance by any weapon while it is supposed to have a decent front armor: 38mm for the hull and 51mm for the mantlet. It should only receive little damage from a far 2 pdrs shot, and a medium distance shot in the hull should damage the L40 badly, but not blow it up completly.

Bug Reporting / 75mm M3 vs 75mm ROQF mk V
« on: 04-11-2009, 00:11:43 »
I've figured out something a bit disturbing about those two guns: both fire shells of similar weight, at similar speeds. But the M3 shell drops a lot with distance whereas the ROQF one doesn't drop at all (or really much less than the M3 gun).

Is there any reason for this ?  ???

Bug Reporting / Wirbelwind sight problem
« on: 14-09-2009, 00:09:48 »
I don't know if anyone noticed but the aiming sight doesn't fit with the holes in the armor plates, so that aiming a target on the ground is impossible if it's not on a hill.

Is this an intended feature ?

Suggestions / Flying physics in FH 2.2
« on: 14-09-2009, 00:09:39 »
I don't know why the way planes behave changed between 2.15 and 2.2, but now I have to tell that I find them completly broken.

In 2.15 everything wasn't perfect (landing without damage was very hard, even for an experienced pilot) but the global feeling was realistic.
Now the planes are just like Tie fighters in space. Too fast, far too manoeuvrable, and absolutely impossible to stall. I tried the spitfire IX once, it just took off after 3 meter of runway just like it had boosters.
I also saw a Me109 turning 270° with a few meters radius (which is impossible with most of the planes, and especially with that one), and a Ju87 diving right and left, so that the bofors just below couldn't even follow its movement !

Please, bring the planes back as they were, flying is no more a pleasure now.  :-[

Modding / A question to FH developers ...
« on: 30-05-2009, 12:05:06 »
What are the skills / tools required for modding on this game ?

I've myself a quite good experience in modding even though the scale of the models is completly different (I'm a former developer of the Armees Fantomes Mod for Blitzkrieg. For those who don't know it was aimed at adding the French, Polish armies to the game, and improve the sort of available units in all armies, as long as sound and gameplay realism).

The point is that I have a bunch of quite rare documents on 1939-1940 French vehicles, and I might give some help in modelling if you're forseeing to add the Battle of France in FH2.  ;)

Suggestions / Camera views in planes
« on: 27-05-2009, 18:05:20 »
I would like to underline a small issue about camera views in planes.
There is already a system with CTRL+mouse to have a look around in a cockpit and it is really good when you're playing as gunner.
But there is a major issue when you are the pilot: you don't have enough hands and can't watch AND pilot the same time  ;D
This is quite annoying in dogfight, you have to choose between watching around with your plane going straight away (and die VERY soon ...), or flying around with a lot of difficulties to spot were your foe is.

So here is the suggestion: would it be possible to add a few camera controls similar to the ones in IL2 ?
Something using the numpad like:
7 -> 45° left
4 -> 90° left
1 -> 135° left
9 -> 45° right
6 -> 90° right
3 -> 135° right
etc ...
The most would be that the keys for these controls could be set by the user so that multidirectionnal hats can be used on joysticks.

But at least, is it possible to make this with BF2 ?

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