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Announcements / MOTY 2016: Vote for FH2
« on: 11-12-2016, 22:12:24 »
Thanks for all your votes so far, one more vote for victory!

Off-Topic / New PC - screen goes black randomly
« on: 07-12-2013, 17:12:41 »
I have built a new PC recently, but I have a very annoying problem with it. Any help is much appreciated.

CPU                 Intel Core i5 4670K Boxed    
CPU Cooler        Scythe Mugen 4 PCGH Edition    
Mainboard         MSI Z87-G41 PC Mate    
Memory            Crucial Ballistix BLS2CP4G3D1609DS1S00CEU    
GPU                 Sapphire R9 280X 3GB GDDR5 OC DUAL-X    
SSD                 Samsung 840 EVO 250GB    
Internal HDD      Seagate Barracuda 7200.14 ST2000DM001, 2TB    
Case                Corsair Carbide 300R    
PSU                 Seasonic M12II 520W    

What I did
While installing Windows 8, I got Video TDR failure messages a few times, and I noticed it was done way faster than I expected (but that can also have something to do with the fact that I have better hardware now, like the SSD and a faster CPU). After the install was finished, I updated my drivers, first with the CD that came with the card, but after that I went online to update even further, because my problem persisted. I haven't installed anything besides Windows 8 and a few drivers.

The problem
From time to time (it is totally random), my screen goes black, like it is in sleepmode, and I can't wake it up anymore. The fanbs in the tower keep running, however, so the PC isn't shut off entirely. The only way I can make it work again with my screen active is by doing a restart. I'm not stressing my GPU in any way when this happens, the "going black" occurs while browsing the internet or while simply being in Windows (on desktop, or in a folder). Like I mentioned above, I haven't any games or programs installed yet, so the GPU doesn't really get challenged.

Also, after doing those restarts, I get regular messages that Windows hasn't been loaded properly and it gives me the option to repair.

When everything works as intended and I get into Windows, I get warnings about my drivers, saying "Your driver wasn't responding but it has been fixed".

I read Microsoft support forums stating that it is either the drivers or the hardware, causing the TDR failure messages. The drivers are the most up to date as stated above.

My guess now, is that Windows 8 didn't get installed correctly because my GPU being corrupted somehow. This could also cause the error messages about the drivers. But I want to be sure about this, how can I test if my GPU is broken or not?

Or does anyone have an idea what might fix this?

Off-Topic / Trip to Crete
« on: 06-08-2013, 16:08:29 »
This summer I went to Crete with my wife and daughter. We went to visit several towns and cities, and a few museums and archaeological sites. We also did a trip to western Crete, where the area of the FH2 map “Crete” is. On that day, we visited Suda Bay, Maleme and Chania, to see places where the Battle of Crete raged in May 1941.

First we visited Suda Bay. Apart from the bay itself, there is only the war cemetery to remember the Battle of Crete. It is a very beautiful war cemetery, lying at the side of the bay, giving the Commonwelath soldiers who died on Crete their final resting place. There are about 1500 graves there, not only from the Battle of Crete in 1941, but also some World War I graves and some graves of soldiers who died on Crete later in the war (mostly airmen).

Click on pictures to enlarge

After Suda Bay we continued to Maleme. The German war cemetery is there, situated on Hill 107. At the foot of the hill, there is a small cafe (fittingly called Cafe 107) and the guy running it also has an exhibition in his garden of his own private war collection.

From the hill you can see the present day airfield of Maleme, which isn’t accessible to the public.

In the private war collection there is a Bofors AA gun, bought by the guy running the 107 cafe. All other stuff he found himself in the surrounding area and other parts of Crete. In summertime he runs the cafe and the exhibition, in wintertime he drives around everyday to find more stuff.

The Bofors

German Kraftstoff

Some barrels. I think they are PAK40 and Bofors, anyone able to confirm?

Parts of Junkers52

No1 SMLE barrels

German ammoboxes

Parts of Pz38(t)

Parachute dropboxes for weapons and ammo

MG15 and MG34

Parts of a BF109

Italian medipack (just like the FH2 one ;))

German medipack (this one doesn’t look like the FH2 one)

British gear, like helmets, rangefinder, bags, shoes, etc.

German gear, like canteens, gasmasks, medals

German helmets (Wehrmacht and Fallschirmjäger), Eihandgranate and piece of parachute

Me and my daughter in front of the private war collection

After Maleme we went to Chania. This is quite a large town and the best example of the scaling of the FH2 map ;)

In Chania there are almost no traces left of the war, only these few bombed out buildings:

We didn’t go to Sfakia (Chora Sphakion), but I read about British soldiers who were at Chania and Rhetimnon (another town on the norhtern coast which was defenbded by the Commonwealth troops in May 1941). Those at Chania went south to Chora Sphakion to be evacuated to Egypt. Those at Rhetimnon didn’t get the order, so they kept on fighting against the Germans until they were eventually captured. The ones who did cross over to the south, had to wait on the beches for the ships to come. First the officers and the older soldiers were being evacuated, and when the ships were full, the soldiers who were still on the beaches were told they had to wait tob e captured by the Germans. When the Germans eventually came, they ordered the British to march back across the mountains to stay in captivity at Chania for the time being. Knowing the infratsructure of Crete being almost non-existent in the 40s, it must have been one hell of a walk, first from Chania to Chorfa Sphakion across the White Mountains, and then back in captivity.

It was a nice trip and I learned yet even more about the Battle of Crete and it was also nice to see the actual places wqhere the battle was fought.

Off-Topic / New York travelling info
« on: 31-01-2013, 23:01:15 »
Hi all, next May I'm travelling to New York for a week, and I was wondering if there are any New Yorkers here who could give me some tips on where to eat and shop, and maybe some offbeat attractions.

My hotel is in Manhattan, so it'd be nice if I could walk to all tips ;) A short cabdrive is OK too, of course :)

For food I'm looking for:
- cheap
- vegetarian options (for the missus)

For shopping I'm looking for:
- movies (on DVD)
- music
- clothing (jeans especially)

For (tourist) attractions I know the famous stuff, but if someone could post about cool things to do which aren't that well known, I'd appreciate it.

And if you live in NY we could set up a meeting if you like :)

I have to teach on a new subject: the United States and their federal government, 1865-1965. Since I always like to make my lessons more enjoyable by adding some film or documentary (or fragments of them), I'm asking whether any of you guys know good films and/or documentaries about the period 1865-1965.

I need to teach about three topics withtin the big subject:
- economics
- foreign policy
- civil rights

I already have the following:
* Birth of a Nation (civil rights)
* The Untouchables (economics)
* Mississippi Burning (civil rights)
* Tora! Tora! Tora! (foreign policy)
* Malcolm X (civil rights)
* Martin Luther King stuff (civil rights)

Off-Topic / Looking for a picture of Warsaw Ghetto
« on: 08-02-2012, 21:02:00 »
Can anyone help me out with the following?

I'm looking for pictures from Prozna Street in the Warsaw ghetto, but all I can find are modern day pictures, or pictures from before the war. Anyone know of any pictures of this street in the former Warsaw ghetto from 1940-1943?

I found this one, but I'm not sure if it is Prozna Street or not:

Since I have my own modern day pictures, I would love to show how it looked in wartime and today, as a comparison for my 3rd grade students.

Any links would be greatly appreciated!


Ik vind het een goed plan van Hawkeye om een apart topic te hebben voor ons team, ook al zijn we volgens mij de enigen tot nu toe.

Post hier al je plannen, ideeën, tactieken, en voor de duidelijkheid nog even je deelname.

Ook zou het handig zijn als iedereen post op welke avonden hij/zij public kan spelen om wat te oefenen. Ik zal zelf beginnen:

Ik doe mee met het team!
Ik heb nog geen strijdplan.
Ik kan op woensdag, vrijdag en zaterdag meestal wel spelen.

Bug Reporting / Forum bug?
« on: 03-09-2010, 23:09:42 »
As the title implies, this is about this forum. Lately the Feedback forum keeps blinking for me, even though there aren't any new posts. Even after clicking it anyway, it doesn't go away. Also, it always shows the last post as been made in "Which resolution do you play in?", whereas often that isn't the thread which was last posted in, sometimes not even the correct childboard.

I have AVG Free version 9.0.707 as anti-virus software, but since I have been using this, my game gets minimized and I go to desktop every 15 minutes or something like that.

When I press Alt+Tab I see of course FH2, and always AVG Free as a running process. When I Alt+Tab a few seconds later, AVG is gone. So, I suspect AVG to be pompted on top from time to time, causing my game to minimize. I don't have to explain how annoying this is: 9 out of 10 times I'm dead when I return to the game.

Does anyone else have this? Does anyone know which setting is causing this? I have been searching, but all I found was that I should change to a different anti-virus program. Also, in my advanced settings in AVG, I have "Gaming mode" enabled. It says: "enable gaming-mode whenever a fullscreen application is executed."

Hey, seems like I found a solution:

So I'm gonna uninstall and reinstall AVG free 9.0 and see if it works.

Bug Reporting / Maps on Forgotten Hope site
« on: 31-10-2009, 19:10:28 »
I'm missing the minimap and the loading screen of Crete on the main site:

What happened to them? I seem to remember having the minimap before...

Bug Reporting / Killmessage shows wrong weapon
« on: 05-08-2009, 15:08:32 »
Yesterday we were playing Alam Halfa on hslan. I had put my mines in the passage for the axis tanks and then sat in the 2 Pounder.

First axis tank passes, I spot it with the 2 Pounder and when I pressed "Armour", the tank blew up. I thought I accidentally fired at him with the 2 Pounder and 1-shot him, but later a Kubel came along an also got blown up, but... I wasn't shooting at all! So I think they got killed by my mines, and the game turned the killweapin from mines into the 2 Pounder. Here are the screens. Note how you can see that I make both kills, while my ammo stays the same.

Bug Reporting / PaK 38 accelerating like hell
« on: 27-06-2009, 17:06:15 »
On Miteirya Ridge on EL Alamein, axis gets a moveable PaK 38 when they hold the flag. The day before yesterday I was in that PaK, slowly advancing forward from its spawning position, in western direction. Suddenly the PaK started to accelerate and I rocketed over the ridge until I got stuck behind an obstacle (can't remember which one). This happened several times to me, also one time when I tried a more soutwestern direction. This is very undesirable, as you are trying to aim for enemy tanks with that PaK and all of a sudden it starts to race towards it. I can't really show this in a screenshot, as it is about movement, but it sure is annoying.

Bug Reporting / Still spawning after the last flag had gone
« on: 27-06-2009, 17:06:32 »
I'm not sure whether this is a bug, but yesterday we were playing Mareth Line and all flags had gone British. There were a few Germans left, of which one was a SL. Until yesterday, I was convinced that you couldn't spawn on your SL if your team didn't hold any flags. Yet yesterday this SL kept spawning 1 guy several times in the period of time in which the German team had no flags. I wasn't the only one who noticed, as psykfallet (iirc) was also typing a question about it in allchat. So... what was that about?

I have a screenshot of the guy who just spawned. In the top left corner you can see the killmessage in which Dukat just killed that guy, but you can see him alive again in the screenshot, running away from his SL.

Bug Reporting / Artillery target not received?
« on: 27-06-2009, 17:06:43 »
I was playing Siege of Tobruk yesterday and I spotted the 2 Pounders for the artillery. There was a guy in our team in the artillery, but when I spotted for him, I didn't get the message that the target was received by the Artillery Direction Center (or whatever it is called).

Isn't it so that the artillery guy should ALWAYS receive the targets you give him?

I attached a screenshot of one of the targets I spotted but wasn't received.

Bug Reporting / More growth inside buildings
« on: 23-06-2009, 21:06:51 »
When I started out posting bug reports, I overdid it a little with a pic of every piece of vegetation in Fall of Tobruk. I learned from that: I have only 1 pic now, and it is of a bush coming through the wall of a house on Sfakia 16. I'm posting it because small trees/bushes inside houses is not realistic imo. On the pic it seems small because of the weaving movements it makes, but it is rather big.

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