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Bug Reporting / Commander bug
« on: 10-11-2017, 23:11:59 »
Played just now Sidi. I was commander for Germans and i was in that commander truck. Brits also had commander.

So I got 10-15 kills with arty and in stats it showed only 2. While  enemy commander got 20-25 kills and it showed 0. I experienced it before too.

Modding / [WIP] Seez
« on: 27-07-2017, 22:07:19 »
Starting again mapping
Decided to work some map in Alps so I spent lot of time researching and it was quite a chalenge to find something interesting and good for map. Now want to ask first about idea

So map gameplay(push) is like Sammatus but fliped. Italians have some vehichles,tanks,mortar and French some ATs and maybe(but dont want) one tank.

Seez-field fortifications

Problem1: I dont see is there posibility to have field fortifications on sloped position LIKE THIS ONE,in front of Seez where Italians are advancing from Little Saint Bernard pass which is almost directly above them?its just little strange for me.. (also have another map idea for plan B)

Problem2: Microdem doesnt support 32bit version anymore.I have old PC. Cant buy and dont have money on internet so no paid heightmap programs.. Any free other out there which I can use for real terrain heightmap?

Off-Topic / Bf2 patch 1.5 problem
« on: 19-02-2017, 22:02:56 »
So wanted to install Korea mod, so installed bf2/1.4 and 1.5 patch (dont want bf2 revive). But still my bf2 crashes when want to enter it. So enter, black flash and back at destop.... Looked around at google but didnt find anything. Do you guys know anything?

Suggestions / Logistic trucks
« on: 10-03-2016, 17:03:54 »
Well,we all now FH2 is arcade game and not PR minimod,but there are people who like slow pace gameplay. This involves and question of logistic trucks. There were topic before about this,but without ideas. I would like to suggest new ideas and open this to disscusion.
Nowadays,trucks in FH2 are pretty boring as they should be. But why not improve atleast one side?
- FH2 has semilogistic truck and that is AMMO truck. Its ok,people sometimes use it as logistic,but mostly is     transport truck. You have infinitive ammo crates and thats ok.
-Now my main suggestion is that now this truck has REPAIR box. Repair box would have its amount like ammo box,truck would have infinitive these boxes but they would reload slower than ammo box(so you cant trow hundert of them,but 1-2 or you will probably die from enemy)
-*I dont know about this,but maybe that this truck has one AT,as engine doesnt allow towing ATs then this maybe. Of course,you cant reload new gun.
-Or that logi truck can trow 1-2 spawn point(this is not good for truck,but maybe that commander can trow some spawn point)
-Or that it has one sandbag with MG instead that AT, only one. This can really help infantry

Now what if:
you trow ammo box beetwen more tanks?
Well it will spend help faster.
you trow it near destroyed AT?
This REPAIR box is like little faster wrench. It will give health to AT and it will probably fix it and give some more health. If you patiently stay near,then you can trow another box and finish repairing. Of course this will not dissmis wrench in kit as logistic truck cant be everywhere on map.
these trucks would be used mostly for transport by players and not as logi truck?
This happened before with Ammo truck and this happens with all vehlichles and kits in FH2. FH2 is full of arcade players and that players always do different with game elements than you expect. But there is atleast 30-50% of players that like slower gameplay and teamwork and there is atleast 2-5% of players that like doing logistic,transport,support... And they will always hurry at beggining of round to grab logistic truck or etc.

If these trucks has also one,non-reloadable AT, logistic trucks would get its full meaning in FH2. Maybe then it would look like PR,but we know engine doesnt support towed guns. This would be great on all FH2 maps and then maybe people would start asking for logistic trucks. This would look ugly,but there isnt way around. This is why I also doesnt support this 100%.
What if truck gets destroyed?
The best would be that when it spawns again,that it doesnt have AT. That would be realistic and there wouldnt be manipulation. But maybe longer spawn time for this trucks can help avoid manipulation.
What if AT gets destroyed?
Truck would have only one AT that cant be refilled.

Well,not really. It would change gameplay totaly,especially when round are over. These spawn point would not be permanent,but this would be cool adition for Commander duty

This would be maybe better than AT. Cool adition for logistic truck and good for infantry too. Also it would look ugly,so..

This is my suggestions, Im at moment sick so dont gave smarter thing to do  :D  Tell do you approve some of these suggestions and tell yours.

Suggestions / Train need improvment
« on: 29-09-2015, 10:09:02 »
Last sunday I was playing Battle of Keren. Me and five of my guys spawn in Italian main baze and saw train! Perfect to attack Trainstation flag!We got in but there were only three places?? We then abandoned train and took truck.This make me to put suggestion here:make one wagon. Normal wagon with maybe two machineguns on sides and 6-7 places in it. People can fire out and would be nice to drive. Aslo train needs to be faster than it is now and with better health-now with two shots is dead.

FH2 Help / Support / Two problems
« on: 27-06-2015, 22:06:13 »
1- I was playing FH campain and I loaded level. Because my computer is bad,I wanted to load one more time to get better performance.But then I got crashed with mesage and subject:BF2 Memory error. Odium said to me that thats because there is BF2,FH2,FH and all that could make problems.But it shows up randomly during last battle first time.
2-I cant get in FH2.It is black screen for long time,then I click esc and then intro goes.But after intro i get crashed.Message is this:(Click for size)

click for size

FH2 Help / Support / Something
« on: 09-05-2015, 18:05:52 »

As you can see at flag there is marker in red for smoke. That marker appears on every flag.I dont know what it is and you cant use it for arty? I didnt mess with FH2 folders and last time I did was installing Darkest Hour campain pack with their Updater( dont know is it important)

Bug Reporting / Teamwork points
« on: 12-04-2015, 11:04:37 »
Why ammo/ medic giving looks like it doesnt work? I tryed ,like trowing ammo crates to arty but nowhere temwork points, same with medic, gave my mate bandage but no tw. points? How does it works?

Gaming / Traction wars vs FH2
« on: 15-03-2015, 20:03:16 »
They look very promising,especially because they use better engine.For now FH2 is great and after will because of its content, but players are looking for better always.

Gaming / BF2 mod-new stuff
« on: 09-01-2015, 12:01:44 »
So this is mod about fictionary war between Croatia and Serbia.There are few maps for now and new velichles that are in use in Cro and Serb army now and during 1990s.I support this because there is finaly game with this stuff.

Here is more about:
It is downable at ModDB and there you can see more and video about.

Gaming / Lag Problem in PR
« on: 15-11-2014, 09:11:03 »
I know this is not PR but i fell their public is no respondind on whatni write.I have CPU 2.01 Gh,2 Gig of RAM and 512 Mb of grafic card.My PR is lagging a lot because of that but what shoud i improve?

Tactics & Tutorials / Teamwork point/score
« on: 25-10-2014, 00:10:59 »
I need some tips.My score is usually 5-17 not more.I fight and have 7 killes and 9 deaths but i never have teamwork points.I find it difficul to earn them.It is hard to find something to repair,ammo point you cant earn and heal points and there are not 100 flags to capture,so i need some vid or tips for..

FH2 Help / Support / Crach after match
« on: 07-10-2014, 22:10:50 »
When im over with match(like El Alamein),the game FH2 close.I tryed second time and it happened again?? ???

Suggestions / Small but important stuff
« on: 19-08-2014, 13:08:32 »
I have some suggestions that i would like to be  ingame.I was playing last 4 days like a squadleader and commander and some problems.

I was squadleader and i needed some help from neighbour squad but wasnt able to talk with theirs squadleader.I tryed to write that down but get killed.I think that there should be when you push button for talk with commander(for me is V)then you can also talk with other squadleaders(or another button like in PR).

There are some maps without Commander chair.I think i was playing St.Vith and we needed artilery and supplies but there wasnt chair comm. and i coudnt do that.Then andmins said i need do resign of or i will be banned(762.ranked server)

I will write if i see something other( sorry for my bad english) :) :)

Modding / I cant install BF2 Editor
« on: 10-08-2014, 12:08:11 »
I downloaded it started and it said Can install only on Win XP?What to do

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