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Suggestions / Expanded volume settings
« on: 10-10-2015, 09:10:36 »
Oh shit Morty, looks like we crashed into a reality where you still have to do the obligatory "I don't know if this is possible, but..." routine when suggesting a way to improve Forgotten Hope

Ah geez

Time is running out: currently we have three options for sound settings in FH2, where we can adjust volume: Effects (gun sounds, explosions, etc.), Music (map load songs & menu music) and the Help Voice.

Is it possible that through the Audio page on the launcher, we could have instead of just "Effects", different options for things like gun noise, ambient noise, vehicle engine noise, plane engine noise, etc. I don't think any part of the FH2 audio is off, and the ambient noise is of course gorgeous (go walk around Keren 32 on an empty server and tell me your dick doesn't get hard), but if this is possible it would be really cool. 

I have a ton of trouble hearing my squadmates when I'm in a vehicle, but if I go turn the effects down, ten seconds later we're bailing out and I can't hear footsteps, let alone an enemy machine gun that might be five feet from my head. But there are plenty of other reasons why this would be handy. I know quite a few people who like music in the background while they jab the shining needle of FH2 into a throbbing vein, and this would be excellent for those people.

It wouldn't need to be ultra-specific, like down so far that you can choose between 0-1000% volume setting for the sound of tearing meat and snapping tendons as you remove your bayonet from the enemy, but It would be great to be a little more picky with the volume in particular aspects of the mod.

My name is Christie Front Drive, and you may remember me as the man who zooked your Panther. I've been trying for a few weekends now to reinstall FH2 on my computer, to play on the weekend.

To the delight of tank crews everywhere, these attempts have been thwarted by an irritating issue. I have installed BF2, the 1.41 patch, the 1.5 patch, and the alt+tab hotfix. Then I installed FH2 via the launcher. When I open FH2 I can access the settings/update window (with the British truck), but when I go to launch the mod, I get a black screen and the message "Error 6025: pure virtual function call".


Here is what I have tried so far to fix this issue:

  • reinstalling and update .net Framework
  • downloading and installing all normal Windows Updates (I am running Windows 7 on this system)
  • uninstalling and reinstalling BF2 + FH2 roughly 10 times in the past couple weekends
  • endless Googling of this error message and downloading various files that have not helped slightly
  • cleaning the registry via CCleaner

Anyone got an idea on how I might fix this issue? FH2 worked absolutely perfectly on this computer from 2011 to a few months ago. Now it seems no matter what I try, the mod is determined not to launch.

FH2 Help / Support / Black screen + CTD on launch
« on: 26-01-2015, 18:01:25 »
My FH2 crashes to desktop the second after I hit play. I get a black screen for a moment, and then CTD, like the game is trying to launch and failing. I have tried reinstalling, repairing, reinstalling BF2, etc. nothing has worked. Cleaned registy and nothing. Tried running in windowed mode but I get the same thing happening, and no error message. I also tried the ol' trick of editing my profile configuration file in notepad to remove a few lines but that didn't help either.

I'll look through other threads for more solutions but please help if you know how to fix this. I updated my nvidia driver this morning and then this started happening, so that's probably the issue, but I'm a moron and I have no idea what to do about that, or what settings to change in the nvidia control panel. A windows update this morning might also be to blame...

Off-Topic / Book Recommendations? (Eastern Front)
« on: 09-04-2014, 02:04:01 »
Got a birthday coming up and my parents have asked me if there's any books I'd like. The last two years I've got Tank Men and The War of Art, which I can't recommend strongly enough to anyone reading this. But I'd be interested to know if any of you have come across some good works lately, specifically on armor or infantry battles on the Eastern Front in WW2. I've already got Blood Red Snow on the short list, which I've heard good things about. Anyone got anything they'd like to share?

Our Forces:


Cavalry led by Kaptain Ciupita
Conscripts led by Kaptain  LHeureux
Siberian Ski company led by Kaptain Hjaldrgud
Naval infantry led by Major Fuchs
Naval infantry DHsK led by Serzhant Eat Uranium
Engineers led by Major Homer Jay


KV-1 M1941 company led by Leytenant Jimi Hendrix
KV-IIB M1940 platoon led by Leytenant Kalkalash
ZiS-30 platoon led by Leytenant  Tankbuster
T-18m platoon led by Serzhant Pyjama Shark
T-34/76 M1941 company led by Major
T-34/57 M1941 platoon led by Starleit Musti
Valentine II squadron led by Major Kelmola


37mm anti-air platoon led by Leytenant Battleaxe
37mm M1930 anti-tank gun battery led by Serzhant Graf Radetzky
45mm M1937 anti-tank gun battery led by Leytenant von Mudra
76.2mm M1939 divisional gun battery led by Starleit Oberst
BM-13 Katyusha battery led by Major Born2Kill



Off-Topic / Photos of field graves for tankers
« on: 31-08-2013, 09:08:08 »
I'm working on a project and I need as many photos for it as I can find. What I'm after is photos of any size, black & white or color, of field graves for tank crews in WW2, any theatre. Not tombstones/military cemeteries, but graves dug nearby a destroyed tank for it's crew. If you have any photos like this in your collection I would appreciate if you posted them here, I have 20 or so already but I'm sure there's a billion out there.

Examples of the kind of stuff I'm looking for:

etc etc.

Any help would be appreciated.

General Discussion / FH2 Achievement List
« on: 22-06-2013, 14:06:06 »
I thought this might be a fun idea. Everyone here has played enough video games to have come across achievement lists for doing certain things, like winning an adventure game without dying once or defeating a boss with only your default guns. Shit like that.

So I thought it might be a fun thread to make up some achievements for FH2. Forgotten Hope: Hard Mode, if you will. It's just for fun, it doesn't have to be stuff you've ever actually done, but imagine you could replace the boring old "Rifleman silver" and "Artillery gold" etc. awards with more unique and fun ones.

A few of mine I thought up..

School Bus award
Destroy a truck/APC with more than 5 guys in it

Back and to the Left award
Kill someone in a car with the Carcano carbine from 100+ yards

Knuckleball award
Kill someone by hitting them with a grenade, not from the nade's explosion

Snitches Get Stitches award
Kill someone who had previously been bitching about you to admins

Elmer J. Fudd Rabbit Season award
Kill a bunny hopper with a shotgun

10 Widows award
Kill an entire squad on the 128 server

Cliche Eraser award
Kill 5 guys in 1 round with unoriginal nicknames (Rommel, Wittman, Steiner, etc.)

Okay well that's the general idea, I hope you can think of some that are funnier than what I thought up  :D.

Suggestions / Clipping the wings
« on: 19-06-2013, 14:06:37 »
Pretty easy thread to follow. Planes are overpowered, yay or nay?

I'm inclined to think that they probably do play a slightly exaggerated role in the average battle. In real life, rockets from Typhoons and Thunderbolts were not terribly accurate, whereas in FH2 they can shoot 8 rockets down your pocket if they want to. Their impact in destroying enemy tank formations was more psychological than physical. Obviously you wouldn't want your tank subjected to a rocket attack, but one plane didn't stop an entire Panzer army.

Should an accurate rocket attack on your tank blast you to smithereens? YES!
Should this happen literally 30 times every time you play Cobra or Totalize? NO!

I don't want planes to be neutered: they were motherfuckers to contend with in real life and that should be the case in FH2 as well. But it seems like while it takes a great tanker or infantry squad to dominate a tank/inf map, it takes only any chump with a joy stick to dominate a plane map. All I propose are a few changes we can make to just slightly ease back on the fact that you get bombed far too often for a mod with only 2 bombers in it.

Suggestion 1: Land to reload

I'm not entirely sure why this isn't already in the mod to begin with. Planes have a big enough advantage over everything else on the battlefield already, why should they be able to take on 4 bombs and 800 rounds of MG bullets faster than you can dig a grenade out of an ammo box? I guess planes don't have enough of a head start over AA guns already.



Real life:


Sadly, the crew of this Flak 18 was killed when, in an effort to resupply with fresh shells, their inexperienced gunner mistakenly chose one of the ammo trucks with the self-destructing bomb inside it and parked it too close to the gun.

Suggestion 2: Spawning

Again, not as drastic as it seems: just make it take a little longer for a planes to spawn, and maybe not make all the planes spawn all the time, regardless of the current battlefield situation. This is best experessed as MOAR PLANES, LESS OFTEN. Wait a minute!? I thought you hated planes? Nope, I think some times on some maps should have more planes than they do. They just shouldn't have all the planes all the time. A general rule of thumb is the more flags your team has, the less planes it gets. Yanks get 4 planes to start on Cobra, but perhaps only 2 once they inevitably cap out the Germans. Germans get 3 planes on Olympus, but maybe only 1 or 2 when the battle is five minutes old and in that "Panzer army camping the Allied main" phase of the battle.

"But wait!", you say. "Why should a team be punished with less planes because they kicked too much ass?". Well, to that I say I agree, even if the chances are they kicked so much as because their planes are overpowered in the first place. Nevertheless, I don't like penalizing a team for doing something good (i.e. DON'T CAP RIGHT FLANK), so with my MOAR PLANES, LESS OFTEN rule, I figure it would work something like this:

Team gets 2 planes to start the round
Team caps a few flags? 3 planes now!
Team caps all the flags and the enemy is in for nothing but ass rape for the remaining 600 tickets? 1 plane.

Suggestion 3: Repairing

While my instinct here is to say "Let them stop, get out, and start wrenching like the rest of us", I don't think it's really fair to expect a pilot to land to repair manually every time someone pings him with a rifle shot. I do think that pilot kits should have wrenches, however, and the auto repair for planes flying over their airfield should work at the same speed as if it was being manually repaired. It takes 30 seconds on average to repair a flak gun/Bofors, and another 10-20 to resupply if needed. After you respawn, find an artillery kit, and run back to your gun, of course. Assuming the plane doesn't immediately kill you again, too. Compared to how quickly a plane repairs?

Again, these are awkward suggestions to make because planes should dominate from time to time. I just wish it wasn't all the time. And before you think that last complaint to be unfair to the pilots..

Compared too..

Maybe some of you can come up with better ideas than me.

Underrated, lesser-known, guilty pleasures, whatever, let's post pictures and get a good discussion going :D.

Here's one to start us off: Soviet AT-1 tank destroyer, so rare it's nearly impossible to find pictures.

dat 76.2mm gun in 1935! Only two were made apparently.

Not really that rare but I have a soft spot for the Flammpanzer II Flamingo, it just looks cool as shit.

What's your favorites?

Off-Topic / WinSPWW2 Campaign #1 - The Spaghetti Guard
« on: 18-05-2013, 21:05:39 »
WinSPWW2 Campaign #1 - The Spaghetti Guard
November 1942 - June 1943
10 battles

Battle Index

General Discussion / Favorite FH2 player names
« on: 17-04-2013, 07:04:32 »
Easy enough thread to follow, if you see a great player nick when you are playing FH2 post it here.

My favorites at the moment:

TacticTuna - I lol every time I read this name
Senor el Dinosaur - HAHAHAHAHA
Mr. Pepperoni - no one can hate a man named Mr. Pepperoni.

General Discussion / FH2 background music
« on: 18-02-2013, 22:02:34 »
Easy enough thread to follow, every now and then I like to throw on background music when I'm playing FH2 and I can't be the only one. What are some songs you like to have playing in the background?

This is my first choice: you will recognize it as a different recording of the El Cid March, which is the loading song for Tunis.

Listen to all ten minutes, it's fucking phenomenal. It gets you so pumped up and ready for battle, especially the bit from 6:58 onward.

Here is an .mp3 of it.

Any of you have some songs you like to play in the background from time to time?

General Discussion / Make mic louder
« on: 13-02-2013, 23:02:21 »
To be real quick, I finally caved and bought a dollar store mic. It works, but I have a problem: my volume is really low, and it's hard for other players to hear me.

My headset: Logitech H110

What I know: using sound recorder in Windows XP, my volume is perfect. Loud and clear.

What I have tried so far:

- Making sure VOIP transmit and recieve volume is 100% in Audio/Settings
- Enabling mic boost in XP settings
- Enabling mic boost by editing Audio.con in both my FH2 and BF2 folders in My Documents
- Making sure my audio input is maxed out

Still, people are having a hard time hearing me. This is only on 762 though, it may be different on WaW. But does anyone have any suggestions, short of just talking louder?

General Discussion / Make FH2 look better
« on: 07-02-2013, 23:02:36 »
Just wondering if anyone has any tips on making FH2 look nicer. I got a new monitor for Xmas but no matter what settings I mess around with the game still looks very BF2ish. There are a lot of times I die because I literally didn't think that shady blob was an enemy. Just today on Cobra I had literally 30 seconds to shoot a Panther before he saw me, but I thought he was a rock until he turned around and shot me.

Anyone have any little tips and tricks to making FH2 look prettier? Any settings in directories I should change?

General Discussion / M1917 Enfield appreciation thread
« on: 27-01-2013, 09:01:21 »

All hail the best bolt-action rifle in the mod. K98, No4, SMLE, Carcano, Springfield.. all pure piss when dat Enfield can be yours instead. Some people laugh when I say it's the best rifle in FH2. Those people are dead.

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