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Off-Topic / Dunkirk 1940 : a film by Christopher Nolan ?
« on: 29-12-2015, 12:12:44 »
 :D one of the local newspaper has released a statement:

Christopher Nolan is going to do a film set during dunkirk 1940

we will see how it turns !

Off-Topic / April 9th (1940, the invasion of Denmark )
« on: 05-12-2015, 13:12:36 »
During the night of 9 April 1940, the Danish army is alerted that the Germans have crossed the border, Denmark is now at war with Europe's strongest army. In South Jutland a Danish bicycle infantry company and a motorcycle platoon is ordered to hold off the German advance until reinforcements can arrive. In the fateful morning hours we follow Second Lieutenant Sand (Pilou Asbæk) and his platoon of soldiers. They will be the first Danish soldiers to meet the enemy in battle.

I just discover the trailer:

Armement looks historically correct. did someone watch it ?

 :D well to keep the german train clean, i create a new topic about the discovery

It seems that Poland has become the first country to visit !

more pictures:

Off-Topic / German ww2 Train found hidden in Poland
« on: 28-08-2015, 22:08:40 »
It's not sure at 100%

But if it's true, who knows what we will found !
Certainly money and arts but maybe secret weapons !

Off-Topic / Forgotten Weapons
« on: 20-08-2015, 20:08:41 »
I'm surprised that a lot of people doesn't know about this youtube channel, so here we go !

This channel is very interresting if you like ww2 weapons

My favorite are the pak40:

and the ww2 explosive sniper ammo (a long time ago it was free on youtube):

But there is plenty of other weapons (many very rare !)
Enjoy !

Off-Topic / Blender Open source film
« on: 13-08-2015, 21:08:04 »
First Cycle is here !

For those who are interrested into short film (and open source) i advise you to check the rest of the blender foundation films:

Off-Topic / Deadpool
« on: 03-08-2015, 19:08:39 »
The teaser:

I hope this R rated film will find its public !

Off-Topic / The man in the high castle
« on: 26-02-2015, 21:02:52 »
hi all !
Some might have seen the pilote of this new serie. I wait too long and now the video has been removed :(

Is it worth watching ?

Gaming / Battlefield 3 Free
« on: 29-05-2014, 12:05:33 »
So now Bf3 is free for those who get it until the 3th of june.

Does it worth it ?
I'm not a fan of bf3 mulitplayer (no mods :() but is the single player worth playing ?

Off-Topic / European Election 25th may
« on: 24-05-2014, 16:05:47 »
Only one word for our european players (at least those who vote tomorrow):


PS:Same word for our ukrainian players !

Gaming / Wolfenstein: the new order
« on: 30-03-2014, 12:03:43 »

i'm not sure if a topic already exist (search failed to found one), however i just wanted to share the nice little touch of creativity from the new wolfenstein.
If you haven't alreay seen the trailer of the game, it is required to understand:

Then enjoy the music !

(fake site)

It might be the real successor of RTCW (at least i hope after the failure of the last one)

Off-Topic / Facebook during ww1
« on: 13-04-2013, 16:04:14 »
If facebook existed during ww1, how does a soldier would use it ?
A museum has tried. It uses Leon Vivien and fictive  however the documents and the context (how they speak, anecdotes ) are real.

Sorry it's in french :

Off-Topic / Voile Noir
« on: 06-07-2012, 23:07:03 »
A short film made by student in fx art.
If you like animation film and ww2 :


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