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Hi guys,

I need volunteers to test some changes I made on Studienka 32.
 - fix python error
 - increase the temperature value of first three GE flags. Now we have more intensive fight around first three
Put file into studienka / / gamemode / sp2 / 32 / AI /
Download link:
Post here Studienka 32 feedback.

Thanks, now should be fixed..

Singleplayer and Coop / Singleplayer in Forgotten Hope 2.54
« on: 26-10-2018, 09:10:32 »
Hello guys,
Singleplayer Change logs:

Lenino 64p / Lenino 32p

The 64p single player version of Lenino was too memory heavy and caused memory CTD after 15-20 minutes playing. I changed the 64 layer to the above version in order to have a stable SP layer. As you can see there is no planes for Germans. Poles will have Polikarov to fight against the Ferdinand, which spawns as a reinforcement when Poles capture first two flags.

Studienka 64p / Studienka 32p

Post here your suggestion and feedback. Thanks!

Lenino / Re: Lenino 64
« on: 26-10-2018, 07:10:06 »
Hello gentlemen,

2.54 changelog:

Lenino 64p

-remove 4 front spawning t34m41(Moiseevo and Sysoevo)
-replace two T70 with T34M41, main base
-remove mortar kit, both sides
-replace one of PzIIIs' with PzIVH
-remove PzIVH as a reinforcement. Only Ferdinand will spawn when PL capture first two flags
-added PzIVH as a reinforcement when all GE flags are being captured
-change reinforcement vehicles spawn time from 240 to 120

In total:
Poles will have 4 T34M41 and 2 T70 against 2 PzIII and PzIVH + Ferdinand if the first two flags are lost + in addition PzIVH if all flags are lost.

@ VolkssturmGewehr
I am using Maya when I have to connect islands or to add missing navmesh or fine tune the navmesh.
Also, you can use Blender in order to edit the navmesh. There are plenty of tutorials in this regards. Not to mention Blender is free afaik.

Great! Will the other Eastern Front maps be officially available for singleplayer too?

More Eastern Front maps with single player support will come in the future. Arad is in the pipeline, but it will not be included in the next patch.

I can't find these downloads anywhere especially the "Mappack #1".

BF-GAMES.NET: FH2 Conversion SP/Coop Mappack #1

BF-GAMES.NET: Forgotten Hope 2 Maps

Some are very old (2007) but have SP/Coop support. if they don;t work out of the box I guess they could be updated for latest FH.

Anyone ?

@DJ Barney


 Where can i find a good documentary about this battle?


Hi Jimi,  :)

You can find really interesting info here:

Also for some reason I haven't been able to get the Navmesh program to work on my PC yet. I've spent hours trying to figure it out, but when I try to create a navmesh for a particular map it just won't do it. After I input mod:fh2 then map: (map name) it runs for a few lines, automatically opens BF2Editor, then crashes. The only error msg I've ever seen has been to do with GTS directories, which I have created, however they're just empty folders as I have nothing to put in them. I'm not sure if I need to create something in BF2Editor first like AI strategic areas or what, but I haven't quite mastered SinglePlayerEditor yet. Anyway, this means I cannot create a whole new navmesh to accommodate the overgrowth draw distance issue.

Hi Volkssturm,

You need to do some preliminary steps, before start navmeshing process.
Lets start with a checklist of things you must have in order to get to the next step.
1.) A copy of Python installed
2.) At least 2 Capture Points (flags)
3.) Strategic Areas placed on the Capture points that are neighbored.
4.) A Closed Combat Area (Placed anti-clockwise with the 'Used by pathfinding' Checked.
5.) An 'ai' folder in your level directory containing an '' file. (can be copied from an existing
single player fh2 map)

Also, in the link below you will find Kysterama's tutorial, which I believe is very useful.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: map from BF2 to FH2
« on: 28-12-2017, 12:12:56 »
You need to load all hand weapons using in the tmp.con. To achieve that you have to run the map packing scripts - It will pack the map and add the necessary lines in the tmp.con automatically.

General Discussion / Re: Conspiracies Thread Mk II
« on: 19-12-2017, 17:12:48 »
That should be St. Petersburg church, right?  ;)

Modding / Re: Help on bf2 ai
« on: 29-04-2016, 12:04:23 »
you need to add one way neighbors: USA landings CPs --> German_defence CPs.

Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« on: 02-03-2015, 19:03:31 »

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