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Off-Topic / Re: About Last Night...
« on: 09-11-2016, 19:11:25 »
Nah, never weak here.. rather they turned our presidential race into a point the finger, he did.. she did... middle school, circus fiasco reminiscent of a horribly acted WWE skit just to fuel drama in order to rake in huge viewer ratings generating millions, possibly billions, more money for some of the wealthy out there.

Off-Topic / Re: About Last NIght
« on: 09-11-2016, 16:11:14 »
Time to grab Mother Earth by the pussy?!?! i didnt believe any of our candidates were worthy to be our leader, we should ashamed.


General Discussion / Re: Forgotten Hope Weekly Highlights
« on: 24-07-2016, 04:07:23 »
i thought we were doomed that round at first, but the team made a good push back and defensive stand towards the end. Good squadleading btw.

Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« on: 09-07-2016, 22:07:33 »
ive never used tsplit, instead i  always use the bf2 mod tool kit. not sure if a download of that is still available, but i may have the .exe if wanted.

Modding / Re: FH2 Modding Q&A
« on: 28-06-2016, 05:06:51 »
some helpful tips here for people new to bf2 mapping in general, good luck   ;)

condolences to the victims of these cowards

the main thing i don't understand about these heinous events is that these 'extremists', 'jihadists', or whatever they and others call themselves are mainly using young men, some without children, committing suicide in the process of their terror attacks. Do they not realize eventually you will expend your people long before they kill their so called enemies off?! Hopefully these types of cowards become extinct by their own hands soon.

If we are discussing the fh2 cmp pacific maps/ports, just be aware that this is a project created by a collaboration of different volunteers ranging from fh2 dev(s), world at war, forgotten honor, and others within the fh2 community. Currently these maps are all under further construction due to the newest fh2 patch and more items recently added for that theatre. As far as single player, there isn't anyone from my knowledge working on this at the moment, but i'm sure if someone wanted to try to create single player layers there wouldnt be a problem adding them into the mix eventually.

Suggestions / Re: Finish the italians
« on: 11-03-2016, 17:03:54 »

how people should go back to COD.

cod is garbage imo, i will never play those games

i like forest and trench warfare settings, which is why i chose sammatus since its basically both, but arad is a very close 2nd for me too.

yeah i really like mumble and would hope for it to be integrated into fh2 someday, as pr has. There is just not enough players using it now unfortunately.

Off-Topic / Re: Tank made of snow/ice
« on: 02-03-2016, 19:03:57 »
very cool!

nearby my old house in chicago, there was an artist who sculpted different things from snow and ice each winter in his front yard which was located on a busy street, for everyone passing by to see.

FH2 Help / Support / Re: how do i play FH2 multiplayer?
« on: 18-12-2015, 23:12:10 »
try unchecking punkbuster within the server filter

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Alt+Tab messes up the hud
« on: 16-12-2015, 19:12:03 »
same here, not sure why. i just avoid alt tabbing while playing fh2

Modding / Re: need urgent help
« on: 07-12-2015, 18:12:08 »

but now my arrow is stuck at the centre of the screen at the spawn screen....
i googled it and found that debugger must be causing that...

so how to solve it??

reset in game controls to default

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