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I tried adding AI Templates to Brummbär and the newly barreled PzIV/70s too. No success.
I did such before, but after 6 Years I forgot what it was all about.

Anyway, following all News and Updates it's really a pleasure what we get, leaning, the new walking/firing, new scopes.
Not just new content, but a plethora of overhauls.
Thanks to all involved Gentlemen, keep up the good work
Special Thanks to Ivan for his continuing dedication to COOP/SP development

Best wishes

Known shortcomings at the Time:

-Map Descriptions missing
-waw_fht_762_obj folder with custom Statics/Vedgetation missing

The Localisation Folder needs a clean up, that is proposed when I have the custom Objects cleaned up.
The deletion of the Server/Clients.cons was a standin. atm. I'm adding this back, minus the troublesome stuff
that CTD'd here all the time. Needs to be added neatly for each Map again, and tested. When ready I'll post
it here and on Discord.

Best wishes

A Beta Test for FH2 2.6

Credits are at original Authors

Edits I made, Reichswald floating Statics removed, the most annoying ones, some Bunkerbeds and Opel Doors that floated. The rest is original.

No Localisation Files atm. let us kno how it works or they tend to be updated, I hope not, as I never done such stuff before.
This is unofficial, I cleaned up the Serverarchives and Clientarchives.cons, though you might get
py Warnings, CTDs I haven't got so far. But again, we are testing here. Report issues here or/and on Discord.

I have least editing capacity, know how to edit, import stuff, no big deal, no Guru pro Skills.
I'm a Modder/Texture Artist at IL-2 1946 Community, there's my main preference, FH2 and Coop an old Hobby.
So I might shift activity from time to time, depending on work for IL-2. Atm. I have a bit time off, projects on halt, I took a break from 4 Years constant work, but when I'm back in the Modding sadle, I don't have much time then here.
I'll try my best.
Thanks and happy testing

Bug Reporting / Re: CMP Map installer is Broken
« on: 28-12-2022, 18:12:39 »
Dunno what did my Trick, first I got this Message too.
On a second attempt it started to work.

Suggestions / Re: Mobile Artillery
« on: 05-06-2022, 00:06:46 »
Same here in Coop.

The most obvious reason for the current state, reasonable Teamwork,
aka a Multiplayer remnant.
If that works, why not? But Coop, is like you mentioned, a retard Bot
driving like crazy. Player has no use, other than in driver Position,
place reasonable, stay when needed, stop where needed.
Gunner position, well, it's the most useless Player/Bot combo position ingame.

For Coop a solution would be fine. Cause atm. Mobile Arty is simply AI only.

Take working solutions like Wespe or StuHIV, same principle mobile Arty,
If Player enters, residing Bots can't mess around.
but not such trouble with Bot/Player interactions, stupid behavior.

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: COOP/SP on 2.6
« on: 19-05-2022, 01:05:53 »
I got a CTD when I tried the Wirbelwind on Totalize/Coop-64 and hit exit.
I did a repair to launcher and issue was not again. Seems like the Player exit glitches you mentioned.
The only one I had.

I had to unsuspected CTDs while running or driving a Tank, so not related to
"E" exiting. Out of the blue. No clue.

I made 4 repair attempts via Launcher already, as I found Pak35_early and twice stepped accidently in.
After the 3rd I grabbed the no AI idea, before I thought still crappy Install.:(

During a quick stint on Crete Coop-64 the NCO Soldier got invisible, all left was a running Kit, floating
around. funny old stuff.

The new France Maps are well laid up, I think, from Statics, Immersion, feeling.
La horgne and Flavion are excellent in COOP Gameplay.
Stonne is still good, perfect ambience, the reason
to keep me playing. As you got plenty of stuff to do and see, even when the Game is
a bit lame. No problem.

Operation Mars, mmh, I dunno, this is strange. Not the Basic
Map Layout, not the Game Mode, not the Vehicles decisions.

What I grabbed is lacking here are really FH2 standards as for ambience.
It's current Coop shape, is a rough Diamond.

My custom Coop 64 changes here.

General Discussion / Re: To all the buisy Devs and Helpers
« on: 17-05-2022, 00:05:29 »
After recieving your nice Message I reactivated my Account  and ended up again with the problem why I hate this crap grumpy proggy.
I had 2 accounts. One live and a second lying dead, with no use and access.

Deleted those 2 Accounts again and forever.

It's my precious time dealing with such stupid registration querries.
Really, I'm a Modder/Skinner on SAS1946 and Mission4Today, not used to such crap.
I have lots of Skins and Projects on my back,
literally no time for chit chatting in a trendy Social Network thingy.

Best wishes

General Discussion / To all the buisy Devs and Helpers
« on: 13-05-2022, 15:05:33 »
Dear FH2 Crew, subordinates

I know you're on Discord and this is a dead Forum, first I hate Discord, you
won't find me there. I tried it and was disgusted by the Design, handling, GUI.

Whatever, I followed the idea settling and work in progress of the French Faction.
I'm impressed how much effort, patience you all had and that the idea was taken up.
That alone in the event of that being released is a tremendous effort for all ever involved.
Thank you for not giving it up, but pressing passion to this Game and the Mod you created.

Best wishes

Singleplayer and Coop / Re: What AI skill level is 'best'?
« on: 03-08-2021, 09:08:36 »
Hard to tell, as there's a Map, and also Mood factor.
But also, a sort of ever existing advantage of AI.

Setting for Map X I would not
tend to play on Y. Plantations, flowers, pottery, trees and bushes,
where I can't make out the direction a headshot came.
All is different on Bardia, where I headshoot AI over 1000m with the Carcano.

i.e. the more you get known a Map, the better you perform.
But at least me myself, I can't be a robot,
and some Days are just waste, where it would being harder,
very frustrating to play. I always adjust this to my current need.
Also in regard to the AI being skill dependent overall.

Flagpole correction for Tulagi 64/Coop


Search this Entry:

Code: [Select]
   rem [ControlPoint: Sasapi]
   Object.create Sasapi
   Object.absolutePosition 112.103/110.352/376.140
   Object.layer 1

Replace with this (taken from Conquest 64):

Code: [Select]
   rem [ControlPoint: Sasapi]
   Object.create Sasapi
   Object.absolutePosition 112.103/100.352/376.140
   Object.layer 2

This should fix the floating Pole position.

It's getting better, added your Update and played some rounds on the 64ers.
Astonishing Assets, I like these Maps, all 3 have nice fighting going on.

No CTDs, just pure fun and heavy fightings.

Keep up the good work Mate

General Discussion / Re: Post your FH2 Screenshots
« on: 25-07-2020, 20:07:07 »

Tarawa, a snapshot, nothing special, just a really cool Map

Wake 64 Coop
Ammo Crates (red), Sniper Kits (green) and AmmoKits (yellow)

will be updated regularly, current state

Thanks for this FH1 Setback, awesome stuff having the Pacific finally in FH2.

Wake 64: Having some Rounds on on this Map, I experienced some CTds, after 3-5 Minutes Play, on both sides. Played 4 times, two good long games and beneath 2 CTDs out of the Blue.

Wake 16:
-Less CTD prone than 64 size, but occurs, though completely random and out of the Blue.
1st at loading, before Map Start, another after 3 Minutes Gameplay.
-Controlpoint Spawners reversed:
Airfield CP Pickupkits and vehicles spawners are reversed, if Axis captures Controlpoint the equipment spawned is Allied, if US capture Axis stuff spawns.

PilotpickupKits in the 16 Inf only Version can be turned into anything else, to obligue Player a bit fun
and leisure.

I can't promise a thing, but I'll look into the Editor to place more Ammo Crates and Pickup kits.
the 16 Map is huge compared to FH2 standards, but the Pickups are really teethgrinding.
This Map is large, it must hold Pickups for outflanking, this Map is a rough diamond, close to perfect.

The Loading picture is in my eyes a not necessary tweak, it is timeconsuming, when effort can be made to bolster these nice Additions. When they are in a decent stage, the Music and Loading Pic makes sense to deal with. my 2 cents

FH2 Help / Support / Re: Old 2.54 Server Files
« on: 23-10-2019, 20:10:01 »
I would, but in 2.54 directory there are no Server Files shown

Code: [Select]
Index of /~spitfire/fh2pub/2.45
[ICO] Name Last modified Size Description
[DIR] Parent Directory -
[ ] Forgotten Hope 2.45.md5 12-Jul-2012 10:04 134
[ ] Forgotten_Hope_2.45_(1_of_2).exe 11-Jul-2012 23:45 1.6G
[ ] Forgotten_Hope_2.45_(2_of_2).exe 11-Jul-2012 23:46 2.5G
[DIR] awards-fix/ 15-Jul-2012 11:46 -
[ ] 12-Jul-2012 10:25 1.3G
[ ] include-kits.con 10-Apr-2013 14:46 23K
[ ] 18-Jul-2012 17:41 5.5K


Ohhh, I have sort of dyscalculy, I meant 2.45 Server Files.
Sorry for that

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