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Received the e-mail with this sad news. I did not know Armin and haven't a chance to talk to him, but it's a great loss to the FH community and mainly, for family and close friends.

My condolences! Armin will stay alive through his hard work and dedication to the modding community.

R.I.P. man!

Oberst Topgun:
Very sad news to hear :(

RIP, Peter.

I once had the pleasure to meet him at a LAN Party back in 2004. Very sympathic and kind guy.
Showed me some very WIP projects he was working on, i do appreciate this long time. He was a true mastermind and a core fh dev from the very early beginnings.

I wish his family all the strenght they need.


My condolences to his family, this is indeed very sad news and a huge loss for the Battlefield modding community.

BF1942 and FH1 was a good chunk of my younger days and even though I started playing online when the mod popularity had already faded I can still appreciate the gigantic amount of quality work that went into it, and I can see why his work served as a great inspiration for what FH2 is today.

As long as the spirit of Forgotten Hope lives, so will our memory of him.


Immense respect for him.

He has made my favorite maps in FH.
Forgotten Hope had a huge impact on me and many people and is a huge source of inspiration for many games.
The whole ww2 gaming community owes him a lot.

I salute his memory


Wow, ArminAce.. I remember senordingdong and I recruiting him for the project many moons ago when it was just the two of us. Yes he was one of the originals and a very dedicated individual. Without him Forgotten Hope wouldn't have existed. He was one of the very first to pour his heart and soul into the project. And was very talented individual. RIP ArminAce, a good friend, gone but not forgotten as you leave a legacy behind that many have enjoyed and continue to enjoy.


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